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8 Storage Essentials for an Industrial-style Interior

Whether you live in a loft in a converted warehouse or are just looking for inspirational ideas to give your home a more contemporary ‘industrial’ look, transform your storage with these simple solutions.  Even just adding a couple of touches can freshen up your interior and help you to de-clutter your home.

Metal racking

An industrial look and a cluttered style don’t go together. Free up your floor space and organize your stuff by adding warehouse-style shelving. Choose a depth and height which suits your interior and place your shelves as close together or as wide apart as you like. Although metal racking typically comes in a limited range of colors, such as dark green or grey, there’d be nothing to stop you from re-painting in any color which will make a splash in your room. Soft pastels such as candy pink or turquoise can make an eye-catching contrast with the hard edges of the racks. Or even decorate the shelves with painted stripes or stencil designs.


Used wooden pallets are incredibly versatile and can give your living space a contemporary feel. Clean them up, then paint or varnish them for a more natural, weathered look.  When attached to a wall, with the slats placed horizontally, a pallet can make a stunning and original headboard.  Don’t stop there, use hooks and metal chains to create hanging shelves and use them, instead of bedside cabinets, to store your essential items such as books, photo frames, and reading lights.

Tool Boxes 

There are two main reasons for investing in some heavy-duty cabinets and toolboxes as an essential part of your storage equipment. The first is that they are lockable, so can be used to store valuable or delicate items out of sight, and protected from accidental damage. The other is that they can be used to organize and store multiple small items, such as craft supplies, jewelry, or make-up. Look out for Waterloo tool boxes for sale or equivalents, as those from well-known manufacturers are likely to stand the test of time.

Shelf units on wheels

One essential feature of any industrial interior design is flexibility.  In addition to metal racking, which may be attached to the floor for safety, include some light-weight shelf units on wheels.  This will allow you to create attractive displays for indoor plants, photos, books, and office essentials while staying in keeping with the cool metallic look that you want to create.

Floating shelves

Why not create a contrast to the industrial feel of your scheme by adding accents and using natural materials?  Add floating shelves made from vintage woods such as reclaimed oak sleepers.  Installed at height, for example over the top of doors, they can be used to store items you don’t need to access every day, such as suitcases and winter blankets.

Metal cages and baskets

Over the past few years, we’ve all become more conscious of the need to reduce the amount of plastic we use.  Replace your plastic storage boxes with metal trays, baskets, and cages, then as much as possible store these out of sight, behind furniture, under beds, or inside storage cabinets. Another advantage is that whatever items you place inside will be easily visible.

Filing cabinets

The deep drawers of new or used filing cabinets are not only useable for storing papers and documents, but they can also accommodate virtually anything – clothes, books, office supplies – you name it. No need to confine them to your home office, they’ll look great in bedrooms, dens, living areas. Either keep the industrial and uber-stylish grey color or re-paint in any way you choose. To create a truly individual look, cover them with an uber-fashionable, metallic,70s style patterned wallpaper.

Metal grids 

We’re used to seeing metal grids attached to walls above kitchen worktops and used as a space-saving way to store cooking utensils. But why confine them to the kitchen?  Tidy up the bathroom by installing over the bathtub to store baskets for the soaps and shampoos you use regularly.  Add to a bedroom wall to display your jewelry or scarves.  Even by the front door, with shelves to throw your keys and other essentials… the list of uses is endless, and once again, the advantage is that a grid takes very little to attach and will be easy to relocate when you’re ready for a change.

Whatever your interpretation of an ‘industrial interior’, we hope these suggestions will provide a springboard for your unique taste and creativity.  Enjoy re-thinking your storage options!

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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