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What is the Most Basic Spectrum TV Package?

Saving money is of utmost importance these days and every single penny matters. That also includes getting cost-effective TV plans instead of signing up for premium options and saving more than $40 per month for doing so. If you are a current customer, then getting rid of your expensive cable TV connections and changing to some other plans that cost less and offer more can be a good option.

For Charter Spectrum customers or the ones who are looking to doing so, Spectrum’s basic TV plan can be a lifesaver. This plan not just costs $45 less than the gold plan but also offers an extensive channel lineup instead of just local and few basic channels.

What is the Most Basic Spectrum Package?

Spectrum TV Select which is also known as Spectrum’s basic TV package offers more than 125 channels including some local channels for $44.99 per month (taxes, fees, surcharges, and equipment charges are on top, if applicable). With this plan, customers also get Spectrum TV streaming app which can be used to watch your favorite shows and stay updated with all activities happening around as you can stream live TV through that. Moreover, the on-demand option that is available with Spectrum Silver and Spectrum gold is also available for all Spectrum Select customers.

The only problem here is that this plan does not include any premium channels like HBO, TMC, or Showtime. Moreover, Sports channels such as NFL, Olympic Channel, and Outdoor Channel are not available. If you would like to get these channels, you would have to get the Sports Pack separately added to your account and would have to pay an additional $5 for that.

Other Spectrum Low-Cost TV Packages to Consider

Spectrum also offers some special plans for those customers who cannot afford to get even basic TV services. These are not your standard corded TV plans except the Choice option. Spectrum TV Choice is the one that is like regular cable TV but is way cheaper than regular cable and works very well. Let’s have a quick look at these.

Spectrum TV Choice

TV Choice is one of the most economical TV plans that Spectrum offers and costs $24.99 per month. As the name suggests, the TV Choice plan gives customers an option to choose 10 of their favorite TV channels (excluding premium channels) and build a plan. Along with these selected 10 channels, customers would also have access to some local channels and network stations. So, in total, there are around 50 channels that are available to customers through this plan.

TV Essential

Spectrum TV Essential is a TV streaming service with Spectrum that does not require any cable boxes & there is no broadcast fee with this plan. That means you would only be paying the package price. With this plan, Spectrum offers 50 channels for streaming that include kids channels, some of the best lifestyle channels, Entertainment and News channels. Moreover, this plan only costs $15 per month, which makes it the cheapest plan offered by Spectrum to its customers.

Customers can get premium channels along with this plan which is added manually and each channel costs extra. However, in some areas, Spectrum is also offering free HBO and free Cloud DVR for 12 months long with this channel. If you are eligible to get that promotion, this would be a bonus for you. TV Essential costs $15 per month which makes it the lowest TV plan offered by Spectrum. One thing to keep in mind is that this plan requires a Smart TV and an internet connection to stream those TV channels. Otherwise, you would have to get the TV boxes, which is going to cost you extra every month.

TV Stream

Spectrum TV Stream is another streaming plan offered by Spectrum. Since TV essential does not include many popular American networks, TV Stream fills that gap for the customers. With this plan, customers can access famous networks such as ABC, FOX, and CBS along with many popular channels such as HGTV, Hallmark Movies and Mystery, Discovery, and Comedy Central.

Spectrum TV stream is a great option for those customers who are looking to get better channels at lower monthly costs. Spectrum customers can get this plan for less than $25 per month, making it the second most economical plan with Spectrum TV services. If you are also interested in getting internet services through Spectrum, you can bundle up internet services and a TV stream plan and get both of these services for less than $80.

Final Verdict

Even though Spectrum streaming services are a great option and cost less than Spectrum basic TV, you would not be getting everything with those plans. For customers who need a complete plan with a diverse channel lineup, they need to go for Spectrum select plan at the very least. With that, they will be getting streaming services for free along with on-demand options and much more.

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