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Projection-Mapping and How Businesses Can Get Advantage Out of It

We all know that the 21st century is the age of technology, and it has brought many great inventions for everyone to benefit from.

For businesses, that invention is video mapping. Video mapping has been around since the 1960s, and it is being used as a marketing tool for decades now. Once known as augmented spatial reality, it’s now called video mapping.

Through this tool, companies can deliver unparalleled creativity and innovation to engage audiences. To summarize, while projection is all about displaying ordinary videos on a flat-screen, video mapping is all about showing 3D videos on a screen that looks real.

If you need more information on how businesses can take advantage of it, this blog will be a perfect read.


It has become increasingly challenging to get your audience’s attention. There are so many ways to do it that businesses get confused about which way they should focus.

Through video mapping, businesses can grab their customer’s attention quickly and communicate their message. Projection mapping comes with audio-visual experience that connects with the audience and keeps them hooked for a long time.

More Publicity

The visual effect of projection mapping makes people stop and look at it. It quickly creates the buzz that every business needs.

The most important and exciting feature of projection mapping is that it turns any ordinary video into a highly engaging and attention-grabbing video that makes people stop, watch, and relate.

Moreover, through this one tool, you can create a real hype of your upcoming product or an event that you are organizing.

Highly Engaging

In today’s digital age, we see many videos, but not all of them catch our attention. Then how does one engage the audience?

The answer is simple – through projection mapping. This technology has integrated 3D experience, enabling customers to view a product in much more detail and learn about it.

These days, customers only buy products or services from brands that connect with them and speak to them personally. They only want products that have a story behind them.

You can create a story for your business through this highly engaging tool and connect with your audience.

Strong Marketing Effect

Today, businesses don’t have to make a lot of effort to reach their target audience. Video mapping easily creates a strong marketing effect for the target audience.

Marketing is all about engaging and attracting your audience’s attention. You can get it done through Projection Mapping. The story told through interactive videos will instigate your audience to take action.


With the world moving towards augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), your business needs to move forward as well.

Your customers and your employees cannot always be present physically. To make sure that they are with you at all times, you can host online meets with video mapping.

According to research, online meetings for businesses can reduce 75% of their costs, and they are easier to plan as well.


One great benefit of video mapping for businesses is that it is highly affordable compared to other marketing tools.

In the past, businesses had to spend millions of dollars on fireworks, corporate and public events, etc. to attract customers.

However, now they only have to spend their money on video mapping, which seldom fails to grab the attention of prospects,

According to Panasonic, with projection mapping, 75% of businesses are now using this tool instead of traditional methods, such as fireworks.

Greater Revenue

According to a recent survey, between 2012 to 2015, many businesses experienced an almost 73% increase in their revenue.

It’s the year 2020, and technology has evolved more than ever. You can imagine the revenue businesses might be earning now.

Today, businesses are investing in this technology because it is incredibly affordable, resulting in higher revenue.


One has to go from place to place when it comes to marketing for their sites. Physical props such as standee or banners take a lot of time to set up, build, and transport.

Businesses need to adopt a more manageable approach that allows them to take their marketing tools anywhere in the world. It is portable and easy-to-handle.

You only need a new theme or design with suitable software, a projector, and you are good to go.

Bottom Line

In the face of growing competition, your business needs a competitive edge to stand out. Projection mapping essentially does that for your business.

Projection mapping increases the aesthetics of your display and presentations. It attracts people with the help of visually-appealing graphics and high-tech features. It can undertake many applications that flat displays are not capable of.

Can you think of any other great technological benefits of video mapping? If you can, then let us know!

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