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Porcelain Tiles New Latest Trends And Design

Porcelain Tiles Design

Every year the design of porcelain tile products changes, most of the performance is improved. It’s safe to say that porcelain tiles as a finishing material are also becoming an extraordinary decoration in addition to the interior in general.


The trends in the design of porcelain tiles change every year, new collections appear, even more unique and interesting. In addition, there is also a separate fashion trend in finishing materials. Today porcelain tiles are relevant, imitating various types of wood, wooden parquet, textiles or leather, wallpaper or mosaics. Ethnic-style tiles, imitating antiquity, are gaining popularity, metal plates, which, as it were, are attached to the floor with rusty nails. This type of finish contrasts beautifully with the cold and harsh framing of the bathroom versus the warm and relaxing spa treatments.

More and more porcelain tile manufacturers include spectacular and original mosaics in their collections. The mosaic itself, as a rule, is quite expensive (especially from natural stone), but the mosaic insert can revive the interior and will cost much less. Another modern trend in ceramic interior design is the imitation of all kinds of fabrics. Very often, there is still a printed floral pattern. Such a mosaic can have some rather colorful, and not necessarily floral patterns: it can be butterflies, funny cartoon characters, representatives of the animal world, and various floral ornaments. Manufacturers confidently declare that such tiles always give the inhabitants of the apartment warmth and joy.

The best specialists, based on experience and market monitoring, strive to develop tile designs that meet the needs of the market. Large flowers and small flowers always decorate the bathroom and fill the environment with warmth, freshness and air. Gold imitation leaf or flower motifs are exquisite and unusual at the same time. Visual illusions can also be a rich theme for the bathroom. Of course, it is more than unreasonable to use them in their “pure” form. But an alternative is also possible. The glossy surface of the decoration “on a gold coin” will create the effect of luxury and lightness, while the dense style will create constant movement and liveliness. The shiny surface and the interesting geometric pattern, thanks to the mirror finish, will allow you to obtain the desired effect of the play of light. Decoration with varied circles and unusual colors in modern collections can not only surprise your guests, but also make the bathroom fashionable and attractive.

As for the classic design of porcelain tiles, it is unlikely that it will ever go out of style. It is the familiar and familiar to all of us the classics that never get old and are always able to subtly emphasize the dignity of any home or hide any flaws in the interior. Today, large-format porcelain stoneware tiles are in fashion, for example, 300×600 mm or 600×600 cm. Porcelain stoneware is mainly intended for flooring. In addition, it should be noted that tiles of this format are much easier to install. It is important to know that large format tiles are produced with straight edges that do not form joints between tiles, so as a result, a solid surface is obtained. Porcelain stoneware tile designers not only use pastel colors, which have become a tradition, but also play on the contrast of rich and bright colors. For example, the Hispano-Italian collections offer combinations of black and red and yellow and green. An important trend in modern fashion is the combination of tiles with the same pattern, but of different colors.


Glass mosaics will never lose their color and will provide the widest variety of colors. You can consult a specialist or make your own choice. The solutions available will allow you to easily choose the mosaics that match the place and the mood. Your bathroom can become a spa, it takes a little creativity and glass mosaics in the bathroom.

Create sparkle and shine in this small space by adding a glass mosaic wall. This mosaic will reflect on itself all the light sources and other surrounding objects, this will create the illusion of a growing space. In addition to all these beauties, you will receive a very practical and easy-care material that you can use in any room. With it, you can arrange a magnificent panel in the living room or highlight individual decorative elements in the bedroom. If you hesitate to apply the tile everywhere, start small and it will prove its worth.

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