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8 Types of Autonomous Vehicle Technology That Made Life Easier

The advancing world of today keeps surprising us with new inventions every day. On one hand, the latest technologies have taken over the digital industry. Similarly, on the other hand, modifications in the automotive sector are outdoing imagination. It is where the autonomous vehicle technology comes in existence.

Back then, shopping from a fashion store was more attractive to many than purchasing from an automobile shop. Nevertheless, today when you hit a departmental store, you set in-car technologies at priority.

Individuals who work in an auto dealership keep coming across such experiences. Most often, people save their OnBuy discount codes only to buy the latest electronics for their vehicles. This fact can make you think of the different types of automotive technologies one must know.

Types of Autonomous Vehicle Technology

You can commonly see driverless cars on the road effectively parking with no human intervention. Many vehicles also update themselves wireless without leaving the driveway. For being up to date and in the race, look forward to the common in-car technologies that made life easier for humans.

Ventilated and Heated Seats

The feature of heated seats is common in today’s world, but that does not mean it is less than a benefit. Drivers thank this technology every time a few sensations warm up the leather seats on their backside.

Many cars also allow you to add the soothing massage function for a pleasant drive experience. Today, the most popular brands distribute warmth in the seats through carbon-heating pads.

Backup Parking Sensors

Almost of us have gone through a time when you had to turn your head for parking the car. People were familiar to this feature, but when entry-level cars started launching rearview cameras, things became easy.

With the reference of a high-resolution image, it gets easier to avoid running over anything at the end of the driveway. Besides, the car parking sensors enable backing into very tight spots. The advanced vehicles also offer 360-degree cameras for maximum visibility.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The modern feature of adaptive cruise control – ACC is a must-mention for its benefits. The functioning of this system may vary as per manufacturer. Majorly, all ACC technologies use radar systems to track any vehicles nearby and adjust speed in view of that.

The manual cruise control keeps the car at a steady velocity until the driver intrudes. However, in the case of ACC, the car speeds up or slows down according to the position of the cars in front. At times, some modern cars may even stop you and set off again when you touch resume.

In-Car Navigation

In the current era, in-car navigation has come a long way. Undoubtedly, there is much more waiting to modify smartphone navigation systems in cars. Nevertheless, it is getting better every day and keeps you from asking for directions.

The modern navigation systems quickly search for local attraction points, download traffic data, and detours automatically in accident situations. You will also love to experience smart head-up displays, better cloud connectivity, and holographic windshield projection.

Smartphone Integration

While navigation is in discussion, smartphone integration will remain the feature of autonomous vehicle technology. Back then, cars and call phones could only connect through USB ports for charging. Nevertheless, Bluetooth connections were only for calling and playing music.

With advancing technologies, the options are more interesting. Latest electronics like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto help motorists to use almost of the functions in a mobile phone from the driver’s seat. These include music, messaging, podcasts, and many more apps.

Voice Recognition

The voice recognition system is not the only advanced one in autonomous vehicle technology. However, when you use it properly, it is the most convenient one. With this feature, you can start calls, draft and read texts, get directions, play music, and hunt for attraction points.

When you can perform all these functions without looking into the phone, it reduces the chance of accidents. At the beginning, this function was difficult to use for many people for the vocal differences. Nonetheless, it is getting better every day and you can find more natural languages now.

Driving Modes

Changing behavior with a button is not possible in humans, but with autonomous vehicle technology, you can find it in cars. The latest vehicles can adjust their steering ratios, stiffen the suspensions, and highlight their engine notes according to the driving mode.

You can easily flip between these on the turn of a button. The different modes available in a regular car include normal, eco, sports, sport plus, track, and individual. In different car models, this feature offers a variety of benefits to drivers.

Automatic Emergency Brakes

While many of the features under the autonomous vehicle technology are luxurious, the others are crucial. Some modifications in the automotive industry are life saving. Automatic emergency brakes are similar to ACC, but they stop the car only when there is danger around.

It could either be a pedestrian landing into the lane or another car slamming into your brakes. Automatic braking in both the situations will respond quickly. Some systems can also bounce the radar below the vehicle and warn the driver of danger two places ahead.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology at a Glance

Concisely, automotive technology is changing faster than ever. You cannot afford to miss its benefits and advancing features. As you keep entering into the automobile industry, driving gets better. There are many reasons automotive enthusiasts look up to surprising in-car electronics.

The autonomous vehicle technology is driving the future smoothly. You will be seeing more of driverless cars, biometric vehicles, in-vehicle marketing, and child safety in the upcoming era.

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