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7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Anyone with a WordPress blog knows the importance of using plugins to optimize their content. For some of you who might not, WordPress plugins help

Plugins are the building blocks that bring additional functions to your website like improving SEO, increasing site speed, creating contact forms, and more. Thousands of WordPress plugins bring originality and uniqueness to the table, so how do you find the best ones? 

Today, we will talk about a selective list of WordPress plugins that are a must-have for any blogger. Read our blog and find out how these plugins can help make your life easy.

You Can Optimize Your Blog Content With SEO

Some plugins will help you rank your content and website in search engines. The higher your ranking in search engine results, the higher exposure you got with better traffic and ROI of your website. 

Why Use a WordPress Plugin for Your Blog?

On WordPress, we all know that plugins are the building blocks that enhance the functionality of your website. The first set of plugins is dedicated to designing your blog and refining the appearance of some standard WordPress functions.

Blogs are one of the best resources to build reliability and authority for your business.

Most of the plugins are designed for blogs, but they can also be used on other types of websites. The essential ones for blogging include customization options for the blog’s comment section, author box, contact form, and widget area.

Looking for the best WordPress plugin to take your business to new horizons in 2021?

Let’s get started:

Akismet Anti-Spam

 If your blog does not have any countermeasures against spam, likely, your blog is already full of spam. Spam can pollute your website and back-end files through various user comments or contact form submissions. Akismet uses anti-spam algorithms to identify spam from all websites. Every time a user comments, Akismet checks it against its database. If the algorithm identifies the comment as spam, it will be removed from your website.

 It is an anti-spam plugin that scans all your comments and contact form submissions for harmful content. The tool can quickly identify hundreds of comments, forms, and messages and then delete content that contains spam.


ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress affiliate link manager plugin. It allows website owners to easily add, manage and insert affiliate links on their posts and pages. For this reason, ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best WordPress plugins to hide blogs.

 With this simple WordPress blog plugin, you can easily hide affiliate links and use them on your blog. This plugin will create a new hidden link or short link and redirect you to unnecessary long affiliate links. Although you can shorten affiliate links with ThirstyAffiliates, you don’t even need to remember those shortened URLs. Just click the “Add affiliate link” button, find the product or link, and insert it into your post.

Yoast SEO

 Since 2008, Yoast SEO is the premium choice of digital marketers and has already helped thousands of websites worldwide rank higher in search engines. This WordPress SEO plugin can help you to optimize your website in search engines for better ranking. This plugin is by far the best, and I use it in its current “all-in-one search engine optimization package” because it has some additional features and is easier to use.

 It will help you manage your blog’s on-page and on-site (off-page) search engine optimization. You will easily add meta descriptions, titles and optimize your titles and posts for target keywords. This is the first plugin you need to install on your blog.

WP Contact Slider

For various purposes, website visitors often want to interact with the administrator and vice versa. It’s a decent concept to provide a contact form on your website because coding is not something everyone likes; that’s why we need a simple plugin to display the contact form on your website, and that’s what WP Contact Slider does.

The plugin is an easy and simple plugin for adding contact forms on any WordPress website page. Create multiple sliders to display on selected posts and pages, and choose different locations to display your contact buttons. WP Contact Slider shows plain text or HTML and offers shortcode support exclusively for Gravity Forms, Wp Forms, Contact Form 7 , and Caldera Forms. It gives your website a neat and clean look and allows you to interact with visitors to acquire potential customers easily.


OptinSpin is a wealth reward plugin for WordPress that can help you reduce the bounce rate of your website and try your luck and win prizes by allowing visitors to convert visitors into customers. You can customize the scroll wheel in many ways, including colors, segments/sectors, text, and themes. OptinSpin intelligently asks visitors to send their emails and generates potential customers by filling out their email lists. Use the default WooCommerce coupon feature to increase your sales by offering attractive discounts.


Jetpack is a multifunctional plugin, a must-have for any blogging website. It has plenty of safety features, for example, junk e-mail and malware protection, safe backups, and activity logs.

Jetpack also brings you further SEO benefits through in-built website analytics and social networking integration. Allows you to sited social networking buttons to your posts for the sharing purpose on popular networks. Moreover, it also comes with various custom toolkits, allowing you to be more precise and flexible when designing your blog.

Apart from other plugins, activating it is more complicated than clicking. This is because Jetpack functions by linking the space between WordPress.com and WordPress.org; you must register for a WordPress.com account and use that login information to activate Jetpack.


Images are the core element of any blogging website. With Optimole, you can improve the content and make it easier for visitors to accept what you share. If your blog is mainly based on images, you may need extra help to optimize the website speed. This is where Optimole comes in. This plugin can directly compress your heavy media files, which will have a huge impact on the performance of your blog.

 In addition to improving new images, Optimole can also batch compress your library, including JPEG and PNG files. Furthermore, it supports lazy loading issues and uses CloudFront’s content delivery network (CDN) to surplus your blog to increase speed. Page load time is directly related to bounce rate and conversion rate; Optimole boosts functionality in no time.  


The above is a small list; as a beginner, you don’t need more than a handful of plugins. Once your blog starts to grow, you will find more plugins with more advanced coding. It will be helpful if you also pay attention to the number of plugins installed. Unnecessary plugins will gradually slow down your blog. I hope this article is helpful to you. Most plugins are available in free and professional versions, so you can still make the most of the free version if your budget is limited.

Remember, when you expand your blog, you can find more advanced plugins to take your blog to the next level.

Aijazz is a Digital Content Producer at WPexperts. On a mission to publish technology and digital marketing blogs, articles, and whitepapers for the world’s leading publisher. Outside of work, he loves hiking with friends.
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