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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions On Pergolas [2021]

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Before we get right into the questions, we need to understand the pergolas.

Pergolas are the raised structures that provide a beautiful and decorative touch to any landscape.

They just give a beautiful touch to your walkways or driveways and they also work well in the middle of your lawn or another area with flat terrain.

They are popular for the wedding functions or parties; they just provide joy to your soul by their beauty.

To make these pergolas you just need to hire those who have experience in this field for many years because they can give a unique touch to your pergolas with their experience.

So now let’s discuss about the commonly asked questions about pergolas: –

1. Are Pergolas worth it?

First of all, pergolas are not too expensive rather than they are a cost-effective way to give your property a beautiful look.

Pergolas are usually made with very durable goods such as Ipe, Redwood, Cedar, and pressure-treated wood.

These woods have their own unique strengths-

  • Ipe- It is good at wetter and saltier conditions.
  • Redwood- it’s long-lasting
  • Cedar- it has an awesome fragrance and known for its durability also.
  • Pressure-treated wood- it is long-lasting and insect-repellent.

Theyprovide a good atmosphere underneath them; you can dine out under them and they produce security from rain and storms also.

2. How do pergolas provide shade? 

A pergola is a backyard shade structure with an open-lattice roof supported by columns or posts. Pergolas are not designed to completely block the sun, but to provide relief from direct sunlight, while allowing air to circulate freely. Most pergolas are free-standing, but a pergola can be attached to your home if you wish.

The best place for your pergolas is in the backyard are the outdoor dining area, along the side of a pool, next to an outdoor fireplace, or over a hot tub.

3. Should I use a pergola kit or have one custom-built?

You can also build a pergola using a pergola kit that contains wood, aluminium, and vinyl pergola kits in various sizes and styles.

You have to give your lot of time to combine all the things and then make a proper pergola. If you were not able to do it properly, you will not get that pergola which you dreamt off.

To get the best design for your backyard, then just hire a professional who is experienced and then just relax. He will provide you the best pergola for your backyard.

4.  What kind of base is required for the pergolas?

Your base need to be solid. The posts will need to set on a base that is strong enough to hold the weight of the pergola, so placing the pergola on brick pavers or in the yard will require something to be added as a base. This usually is just small concrete footers. make sure you discuss the base details with the expert before digging it.  Also be sure to check with your local area for building codes, depth of the frost line, etc.  Most importantly, the concrete footers must be level with each other and in the correct locations.

For attaching to a deck, you will need to make sure that the anchor bolts are attached to a solid weight supporting structure (Joists, beams, or added blocking) and not just into a decking board.  Be sure that you’ve taken into consideration the location of railings, gates, and steps when ordering so you will have the right size.

Just concentrate on the base of the pergola because this is the only thing that holds your pergola for the long term.

5. Can your pergolas be stained or painted?

Yes, should paint your pergolas but before pergolas, you should polish them so that it can protect the wood of pergolas from getting rotten or eaten by some bacteria’s, if not maintain pergolas proper it can hurt you if it falls down.

Many people like only finishing part for their pergolas not paints, everyone has its own choice.

If you do nothing, the wood is either Treated Pine or Western Red Cedar, and each will last for decades without rotting, decaying, or being eaten by insects.  You will notice this change after only a few months.

A clear sealer will not change the actual colour of the wood but will protect it from moisture, heat, and UV rays.

You can paint the treated pine pergolas with any good quality exterior latex paint. a great paint can make pergolas durable till 10 years or more.

Although it is possible to paint cedar, I highly suggest that you use a stain instead.  If you want a painted pergola, consider going with the treated pine. If you decide to paint the cedar, be sure to consult with a paint expert who is knowledgeable in painting Western Red Cedar.  They will know the proper products and techniques to make this as simple as they can.

If you want to see more what are more other questions asked on pergolas you can visit here.

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