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Kodi Software Download For Free | Top Sites

In today’s world, when we have an abundance of information available to us, storing that information in a single place can be a difficult task. Here is when Kodi Foundation (a non-profit organization) comes in and provides us with a platform like Kodi, managing your local collection of music, movies, television series, and photos. Kodi supports many videos, audio, and image formats. It is network capable and allows users to access many online streaming services like Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and Crackle though it does not have its streaming services. Kodi’s cross-platform nature allows it to be used in various devices supporting Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. The latest versions of Kodi provide us with features like Personal Video Recorder. This page introduces you to the top websites to download Kodi software for free.

1. www.kodi.tv

Need to know more about Kodi? Your ideal destination. This is the official website to download Kodi. It provides us with all Kodi versions and all cross-platform variants supported by Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and Raspberry Pi. It gives a brief description of the different features of Kodi.

Along with a user-friendly environment, it provides us with different information related to Kodi, like newsletters and its community. Download Kodi just by selecting the variant supported by your system, and you are good to go. You can support Kodi by donating here. You can also get help from team members hanging out in Matrix. You can learn about how Kodi enhances the viewing experience using add-ons.

2. www.videohelp.com

This website was designed for tech enthusiasts who want an in-depth knowledge of Kodi’s latest and previous versions. Along with this, it lists the different formats supported by Kodi. Other alternatives are also listed, and the most attractive feature is the review section, with people comparing it with other software and appreciating its uniqueness. If you are looking for a specific part on a particular platform, there are high chances that you will find it here.

3. www.malavida.com

Already a user and don’t know if updating is worth it? Then this website can become your savior. It provides a detailed analysis of the main differences compared to Kodi 18. It also provides some tips and tricks about Kodi. It provides a quick and easy download environment with a secure server. Click on the download button and select the variant suitable for you. Install Kodi and experience why it is known as the ultimate media player.

4. www.m.apkpure.com

This website is for android users. It provides us with a variety of applications to install. Navigating through the website is comparatively easy. Search Kodi in the search box, and you’ll be provided with a 64bit and 32bit variant suitable for android 5.0+.

5. www.en.softonic.com

Though Kodi is easy to navigate, if you still don’t have much experience with electronic gadgets and still want to enjoy the features provided by Kodi, then this website is for you. This website offers different applications like guides and configurators with updated and old versions for Kodi. Search Kodi in the search box, and you will be provided with several options. You can directly download Kodi by clicking on the download button or going for the guides and contributors.

6. www.download.cnet.com

If you still can’t believe that such software existed and it’s too good to be true, here is a website with some cons about Kodi with its single scam. It also provides editor’s review and review from regular users. Though this website only provides a link for Windows and Mac users, you can check it out to know Kodi’s cons. Search Kodi and click the variant suitable for you. Click on download, and now installing Kodi is the only step left.

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