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Knife Steel Guide: Essential Factors Determining Steel Quality

Denoting the qualities in a functional knife starts with the quality of steel used in it. While we look for the prefect size, shape, material and handling, the major part of selection goes into finding sharpest steel quality.

Unanswered queries about Steel-

This metal is an alloy of carbon and iron, with composition of silicon, sulphur, oxygen and phosphorus in comparatively smaller quantities. There are different types of steel qualities in existence that further designate metal quality as stronger or lighter.

Rusting in steel quality- Is it to be concerned if?

Indeed, the rust remains pouring out on edible items is a huge concern, Isn’t it?

If you are exposing the steel to oxygen, dirt, and even water for longer time, it is going to rust with an additional coating of iron oxide. The only way to prevent it from happening is by looking for blade coatings. The additional coat helps prevent oxygen from covering the blade, and not form the reaction.

Undoubtedly, the steel quality covers the most important aspect in functionalities of a knife, since this one factor makes the knife usable and sharp. One aspect to take care of is that there isn’t any standardized pattern in quality of steel. For reference you can consider HRC rating and composition of the blade steel quality. It’s better to stay clear with the essential metrics that you can look at, while selecting the perfect steel quality in knife.

Factors that determine blade steel quality:

The Chemical composition of Blade steel

While seeking the best base in steel blade, make sure it is made of carbon, Molybdenum and chromium. These 3 elements bring in assured corrosion resistance with sharp hardness.

Metal Purity

There are huge adverse effects of impure metal components, which get to be seen later in the form of corrosion and breakability. Inclusion of metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead brings impurities in the worst form.

Internal Microstructure

The knives boasting about finest distribution of carbide size and avoidance of large primary carbides stand apart in quality, from other options. If you have eyes on hunting knives that bring high toughness on the table, with sharp edges, then finest carbide structure is what assures maximum performance.

Hardness in the knife steel blade

Since every proof comes with numerical value, here’s something that you can actually determine a number with. The knives are assigned with rating after complete analysis of its indent depth. The HRC number designated assures overall quality and strength in steel blade.

Retention at edges

The repeated use of steel blade in knives can make its edges prone to chipping. The one that cuts harder materials without getting a dent and goes through are easier to fix and sharpen again.

High Durability for years

The knife users are generally looking for  resistance to wear and toughness in the knife. While carrying out the heaviest use, the toughness comes in picture with the steel blade’s resistance to getting cracked. The one that is able to bear adhesion and abrasion over time are considered with better friction.

Resistance to Corrosion

The corrosion incurs with involvement of chemical properties that brings elemental breakdown with rusting. It usually occurs when the steel blade is kept in prolonged exposure of water, acidic chemicals, sun, humid environment or even salt. No matter how high the stainless steel quality is, it is bound to get corroded in certain environmental conditions.

Which Steel quality stands best?

Among all the preferences, seek the perfect one that goes with your usability requirements. You wouldn’t be able to find magic knife that fits perfectly right in all the 7 categories.

The Bottom Line

No matter how lavishly you are going to spend, these factors cannot be ignored to have a fair value deal.

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