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7 Essential Tips For Smart Wiring

Today’s homes are not the same as those that our parents used to live in. With all the smart devices, we have to take smart approaches to wiring. A smart home consists of many connected devices. Therefore, it’s not possible to merely daisy chain cables from room to room. Smart wiring is essential to ensure that TV, music, data, and security are taken into account.

What is smart wiring? Basically, it implies creating a separate level in your home devoted to cables of all types. It should be thought-through so that nothing is neglected. It sounds like a complicated task. In fact, it is. Therefore, we advise you to turn to professional services from Handy Kith.

If you understand how does smart wiring work, you can try to do it yourself. But be careful: electricity is no fun. Apart from having an aptitude for wiring, essential skills, and knowledge, you may find these seven tips useful.

#1. Size Is Highly Important

Size really matters. You should choose an enclosure with enough room. It’s the hub of your future install; therefore, you will need much room. Generally, it’s advisable to adhere to the rule of thumb. You need a minimum of 20% of the space to remain spare after the installation.

It’s vital for possible expansions or additional extensions in the future. You never know what may happen later on. Therefore, it’s always better to plan some extra free space in advance.

#2. Don’t Forget About Terminals

You should use terminals to link out of and into the Extensions and Miniserver. It’s great to use them as they keep the wiring organized and neat. Alongside this, terminal blocks allow you to make changes quickly in your smart wiring systems. Furthermore, they help to manage the inputs and outputs, as well as distribute power.

#3. What About the Enclosure Layout?

Even if your smart wiring cost is high, it doesn’t guarantee that it will work well. You have to plan an enclosure layout. You should think through how to lay out:

  • Cable termination
  • Circuit protection
  • Equipment inside a distribution board.

First of all, you should leave some space for cable routing. It’s advisable to leave the right-hand side for mains voltage cables, and the left-hand side – for low voltage cables. Power supplies and circuit breakers are better kept towards the bottom of your enclosure, while cable termination – towards the top.

#4. Consider Using Finger Trunking

Finger trunking is all about keeping your wiring organized. You should place trunking around the outside and between every DIN rail. Keep in mind that the outer trunking’s width should be double of the one between DIN rails minimum.

#5. Go for the Right Cable

Cables are one of the most crucial aspects of your installation. They are essential if you want the whole system to work well. It’s always better to choose cables that have more power but rather low voltage drops. This is likely to ensure better performance of the system in the future.

#6. Labels Matter

It’s advisable to label inputs and outputs. First of all, it will make the initial installation easy. Secondly, if you decide to make some changes in the future, you will likely suffer less: everything will remain clear for you. Moreover, it will make the job easier once you decide to delegate it to someone else.

#7. Don’t Neglect CAT5E and CAT6 Wiring

What is smart wiring for homes? It’s running CAT5E and CAT6 wires to each audio and TV location around your house. It’s preferable to go for CAT6 since it’s capable of higher network speeds and can be used for video distribution.

If we are speaking about CAT6 wires, you will need two for every audio and TV location. Media rooms should be equipped with 4-6 CAT6 wires. This will allow supporting gaming platforms, TV boxes, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, IR blaster systems, audio receivers, HDBaseT, and HDMI video distribution.

Considering the fact that there are going to be more than 300 million smart homes by 2023, smart wiring will remain with us for a long time. Share your tips on how to do smart home wiring on your own.

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