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8 Key Benefits of On-Demand Courier Delivery App

Companies belonging to the courier and logistics sector are striving to meet increasing demands while improving customer services. There, an on-demand courier delivery app comes into the picture. Courier service providers embrace this advanced tool to enhance the delivery process and improve customers’ experience.

The on-demand courier delivery apps are aimed at reducing the workload, eliminating paperwork, and offering an edge to courier service providers over their peers. Today, courier delivery service passes through a paradigm shift from conventional to on-demand approach. Still, some service providers remain reluctant to invest in on-demand courier Delivery app development. Therefore, here we mention some of the top benefits of integrating an on-demand courier delivery app in your existing delivery network.

Major Business Benefits of On-demand Courier Delivery App

Online Parcel Booking

Gone are the days when people stood in a long queue waiting for their turn in the courier office for parcel booking. The on-demand courier delivery app can provide an easy way for your customers to book parcels online in the size they want. FedEx has made transportation of goods easy for customers by eliminating the need for visiting courier companies to hand over parcels.

The online parcel booking feature facilitates customers to book the courier with a flexible pickup date and time. Customers can enter the destination and the type of parcel. Also, they can see the tariff rate for courier delivery from the origin to the destination. They can make payments online to book their courier.

Real-time Courier Tracking

This is one of the biggest benefits of an on-demand courier delivery app for customers and service providers alike. As a courier service provider, you can easily keep track of the parcels and your fleet from anywhere using the app. The traditional courier process involves direct contact with drivers to remain updated with the status of the parcels. Also, customers find it difficult to track their orders in the conventional courier service.

The on-demand courier app enables courier companies to track the status of parcels on a 24/7 basis. It also enables courier service providers to give the exact time of delivery to their customers. In a way, customers can also get to know the status of their orders in real-time.

Improved Fleet Management

The courier and logistics agency has a fleet of vehicles and it has to keep a fleet management team. As per the traditional model, even the team struggles to get the whereabouts of the fleet at times. There, the on-demand courier app lends a helping hand by addressing this issue effectively. The app provides a real-time tracking feature for the fleet and shows the accurate route and position of every vehicle. It also establishes quick communication with drivers and delivery persons as and when necessary.

Secure and Seamless Payment Methods

The on-demand courier app has in-built payment gateways and customers can securely pay online through various means like credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.  Courier agencies can satisfy the customer’s expectation of having quick and easy payment methods with the online payment feature. It is also easy to track and manage all the transactions for the courier company. What’s more, you can eliminate the chances of delayed or failed payments by offering a seamless online payment method.

Minimal Paperwork

The traditional model of courier delivery revolves around papers. A lot of paperwork was done for every order. Thankfully, the on-demand app enables courier service providers to get rid of a ton of paperwork. The app stores every necessary information regarding the parcel and keeps on tracking it until it is delivered to the customers. In other words, a customized on-demand courier app brings automation in the delivery process to minimize paperwork. It saves a lot of money on stationary while managing processes effortlessly.

Push Notifications for Timely Updates

During the journey of a parcel or consignment from source to destination, your customers can remain updated through push notifications. Drivers and delivery persons also get notified instantly if they face some issues. What’s more, all the aspects of your courier delivery process ranging from order received to order delivered can be managed smoothly and transparently using push notifications. You can also send notifications regularly for offering a personalized experience to your customers. It is better to remember that the more they remain updated, the more valued they will feel.

Robust Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is full of hassles when it comes to the courier and logistics business. The app can enable you to track the location of stored inventories and the status of every warehouse using your smartphone. Only a few taps can enable you to manage the warehouse. Even if you are away from the office or the warehouse facility, you can get access to the warehouse anytime using a courier app.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal irrespective of the type and size of business. An on-demand courier app provides convenience to customers and increases their comfort right from booking the parcel. Customers can book their parcels from anywhere and get the delivery at the desired designation with the help of a customized courier app. Also, multiple payment methods, real-time tracking, and push notifications are some of the key features that keep customers engaged with the courier company. In a way, you can improve the customer’s satisfaction and gain a loyal customer base over the period.

Concluding Lines

Irrespective of size and scale, every courier service provider needs an on-demand courier delivery app. All these business benefits can take the courier company to a new level and help you earn a loyal customer base. In this mobile-driven world, an on-demand delivery app with user-friendly features and flawless functionality can assist your business to thrive in the best possible way.

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