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7 Innovations that Make Solana the First Web-Scale Blockchain

Solana was invented in 2017 when its founder Anatoly Yakovenko found ways to design a decentralized network of nodes to match the single node performances. The majority of the blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others didn’t touch this level of achievement. This feature changed the blockchain networks’ perception and made Solana more popular which can be clearly understood from the rise or increasing demand for Solana blockchain development companies.  

Bitcoin and Ethereum-like Proof of Work systems mostly support about ten transactions per second (TPS). Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance-based (PBFT) Proof of Stake (PoS) systems like Tendermint support about 1,000 TPS with 100–200 nodes. Solana, a PBFT-like PoS blockchain, supports 50,000 TPS with over 200 nodes on current testnet iterations, making it the most performant blockchain and the world’s first web-scale decentralized network.

Let’s discover seven innovations that made Solana’s first web-scale blockchain. Moreover, it would be ideal to get in touch with any professional Solana blockchain development services to get the best out of this technology.  

Distributed Proof-of-Stake

Solana’s vision is to become the best and the fastest blockchain platform available, so the foremost mentionable innovation is distributed Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. 

Distributed Proof-of-Stake alternates the traditional Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm by adding some extensive features to a blockchain network’s verification and block-adding systems. 

Instead of engaging in the process of solving cryptographic puzzles with expensive hardware and software systems, delegates become validators, and token holders can vote representatives. Consequently, token holders can vote for validators; anyone can become validators by generating blocks. 

This system restricts any bad worker from engaging in block-building networks; any malicious acts on the network will cause malicious actors to lose their stake. 

Sealevel Programming Language

The majority of the blockchain platform uses high-level programming languages like Python and low-level programming languages like C++. Whether both programming languages have pros and cons, Solana is a game beyond the pros and cons. Here’s how the Sealevel programming language solves Solana issues. 

Sealevel programming language comes under high-level programming languages based on its features and working style, which is already easy for developers to code their systems. 

Sealevel is a declarative language that uses “If and Else” conditions to solve and execute any process in the Solana blockchain network. Instead of giving orders to complete a work, Sealevel analyses and suggests to developers the best way to accomplish their programming. This only feature made Solana’s development easier and more effective to work with.

Tower BFT Consensus Algorithm   

Another innovation that made Solana the first web-scale blockchain is the Tower BFT consensus Algorithm. 

Consensus Algorithms are the essential part of a blockchain network that efficiently takes part in any decision-making and execution by watching the process. Blockchain claims to be a “trustless” network; consensus algorithms are the backbone of making blockchain effective. 

Tower BFT thinks beyond any other blockchain consensus algorithms like Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Work, and just BFT. It’s made by Solana corporation and proven by Stanford University as the fastest and most secure consensus algorithm. Tower BFT is capable of scaling up to 100000 transactions per second with a full processing speed of 3 seconds. Surely, Tower BFT makes Solana distinctive with its features. 

Cloudbreak Networks

Cloudbreak networks are robust networks of high-performance and low latency nodes. Cloudbreak networks are mainly used to router and provide consensus and revalidation processes on the Solana blockchain network. 

Cloudbreak is mainly administered by Solana’s native TALX algorithm. TALX stands for Topology Aware Ledger Protocol and comes among the latest emerging blockchain. Cloudbreak networks focus mostly on speed factors, not providing pressures on transparency and security factors. Meaning, that a transaction on the Cloudbreak network will process much faster without network transparency and security features. Though it lacks the two important pillars of security and transparency, users can trust that their request is submitted with innate speed. 

Ristretto EdDSA Signatures

Another feather in Solana’s hall of fame is the Ristretto EdDsa signature. The majority of the blockchain network uses the ECDSA signature; Solana altered the traditional system by doing something different. Let’s understand both of the signatures in detail and how Solana is doing something different with the EdDSA signature. 

In 1991, Israeli cryptographer Adi Shamir invented this ECDSA signature format. This signature format comes along the Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) variants, and the majority is used in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and popular blockchain systems. ECDSA constantly improves itself by programmers backing the system to make it more useful. 

CSA makes it impossible to extract private keys among the public keys, which is more secure to work with. Without hackers directly interacting with crypto service providers, generating private keys is impossible to steal and corrupt. 

PoH Consensus Timestamps

PoH alias Proof-of-History consensus proof that an event or transaction occurred before an event. The proof of history ensures data integrity, restricting any chance of replay protection on the blockchain platform. Proof-of-History adds timestamps to every event or transaction that happens on Solana Blockchain. 

PoH is very effective for enterprise-level blockchains, which adds enough security and speed to complete any enterprise-level work. PoH is responsible for Solana’s mind-blowing energy efficiency and its robust decentralization and immutability features. 

WebAssembly Virtual Machine

The programming structure of Solana has a nice compilation of WebAssembly. Javascript is native to WebAssembly, which links Solna to javascript. This feature is a miracle for developers as they don’t have to grasp a new programming language while dealing with Solana. 

WebAssembly also adds a virtual machine, which also helps developers by providing an event-based consensus system. The event-based consensus system is better than time-based consensus and offers a prediction-based system rather than time-structured events. Generally, event-based consensus systems make blocks faster than other systems as Proof-of-Work consensus.  


Solana is much more effective than Ethereum, which gives a clear indication about the bright future of Solana blockchain development. Though, businesses operating in today’s market can’t totally depend on blockchain systems. As every new technology comes with some down points and bugs, research and development can solve those problems in the appropriate way.. For now, let us bid goodbye by recommending consulting a Solana development company to get established with Solana. 

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