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How to Reinforce Your Company’s Purpose During Times of Change

Change brings uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds discomfort. Too much discomfort and unrest can lead to stressed, anxious workers. Reinforcing your company’s purpose during times of crises will help you steer your ship out of stormy waters and into calmer seas.

Albeit tragically, COVID-19 has highlighted to us what is important. It has drastically changed many of our lives, forcing us to focus on what really matters; our loved ones, our community and our purpose.

A great spiritual leader once said,  “to affect the greatest change we must first tend to the part of the garden we can touch”.

That is why, now more than ever, we must collaborate effectively in our businesses and in our homes, to ensure we come out of this pandemic better and stronger having learned from the lessons inflicted upon us. Below are 4 key ways to reinforce your company’s purpose during times of change.

Recognize your employees

Behind any great business are a group of even greater employees. They are the business. That’s why the most effective way of reinforcing your company’s purpose during change is to reinforce theirs.

To do this, recognize the efforts of your employees. This will highlight to them why it is they do what they do for your company. If done correctly, it can be a source of inspiration for them during this time of change.

Show authentic support when work and non-work-related milestones are achieved. You should privately or publicly congratulate an employee when they perform well for your company. Give gifts and bonuses that align with their current needs. Check-in on them with handwritten letters or personalized emails.

Taking the time to recognize your employees during this time of change will reinforce their purpose and as a byproduct, your companies.

Refocus on company values

Secondly, you must go back to your roots. This can be a healthy exercise for any company, even during times of stability and progress.

Does your company value growth and learning of its employees? Does it reward hard work fairly? Does it value quality over quantity? Is it an inclusive safe-space for its workers, fostering innovation and creativity?

Brainstorm with management and talk with all members of staff. After honest analysis, if you find your company could be more inclusive for workers during a time of unrest, investigate ways to make your company a safe place for your employees. 

Become certain in your company’s mission and direction and invest in it.

As a result, your business’s purpose will be invigorated.

Give back to your community

If your employees represent your company, then your community is the garden that surrounds it. Reach out and support those in your immediate and greater community in any way you can.

Offering discounts on services or products will show that you are with people in their time of need. Be courageous and outwardly support movements that matter to your community and your employees.

This doesn’t have to mean picking sides and ignoring the views of others. It means outlining your companies core values and staying true to them. Above all, altruism and authenticity in a time of crises will be rewarded by those who receive it, and displaying these values will help your company realign itself with its greater purpose.

Redefine the workplace

This is where being pragmatic and adaptable comes in. In the past year, we have moved to a remote-based working world.

Consequently, employees are starting to wake up to the benefits of remote work.

As an employer, redefining what is the workplace and then maintaining company culture and purpose in this new environment can be challenging.

This links back to recognizing the achievements and needs or your employees. We must now look at the workplace environment more broadly. We have learned that a majority of employees prefer working from home and are actually more productive.

If meetings via screen sharing tools and workers collaborating on group applications are what’s being called on by those imperative to the success of the business, then the business must define its values accordingly. Invest in these tools and facilitate this new working environment. Ask your employees what you can do to improve their situation.

In Summary

Perhaps most importantly, during a time of great change, is one’s ability to remain positive and pragmatic. To lead by example.

To reinforce a company’s purpose during a time such as a global pandemic you must be certain in your direction and supportive of those who are helping you get there.

Redefine and highlight your values and take some time understanding what it means to be a worker in this new world.

As a result, your company’s purpose will be brought to the fore, and you and your teams can continue striving towards your goals, united.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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