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How To Get More Leads Than Your Competitors In PPC Campaigns

Who does not want more leads? Everybody wants it. It could probably be one of the prioritized requests by clients or upper management if you are operating a PPC campaign. We all know that it is a challenging task to grab more volume. However, you are likely to control a target cost per acquisition.

If you want to increase conversions, then you should focus more on conversion rate optimization. So, we have six practical ways to get more leads than your competitors in PPC campaigns.

6 effective ways to get more leads than your competitors in PPC campaigns

Method 1 – Expansion of Keywords

The first thing in the to-do list is to try various keywords and expand the list of keywords. How will you do that? It is evident that you have already found the initial list, brainstormed the search query report, and utilized some traditional keyword tools.

Now, you are required to observe things going ‘deeper and wider.’ The main idea is to take advantage of tools that can provide extra “broad” keyword suggestions you have not even thought of yet. You can also go deeper into the keyword targeting, and you can mind not just your search query data but also your search engine optimization data.

You need to concentrate on two primary means of discovery.


You have to recognize a new keyword idea that did not previously exist within your PPC campaigns management. It usually arrives in the form of new ad groups targeting entirely new keyword concepts that you had not introduced in your previous campaigns.


It means finding your current campaigns for new targeting opportunities. One of the perfect ways to execute it is by mining the search query data that your existing campaigns have generated.

Method 2 – Align your traffic points with your rivals

The web is a boon for comparison shopping. Moreover, when a fantastic deal is just a click away, it is challenging not to browse prices. To resolve the issue, you need to know what your competitors are offering to the customers. And it would help if you tried to match it in any condition.

Method 3 – Increase Click-Through Rates

It is one of the trickiest methods. The reason is you have to enhance qualified click-throughs. The question is how to do it when you are looking to include conversions without blowing the CPA. The most effective ways to do it include:

Relevant Advertisements

You have to create ads that meet the intent of the searchers. But, also make promises that you are fulfilling on the landing page. The exact meaning is not to fall in the trap of gimmicky ads and eye-catching ads that drive the incorrect prospects. Also, always concentrate on getting inside the mind of the audience or searcher.

Better Campaign Strategy and Structure

It will help if you have also made portions of your paid search campaigns to build more relevant and tighter keyword groups. It helps to improve the efficiency of your advertisements.

Method 4 – Pay Close Attention to Your Content Campaigns

Make sure that you have established a content campaign. In it, you are required to give some TLC. It is one of the ancient methods; still, it is imperative to pay close attention to your content campaigns. You can get the opportunities to expand your reach by presenting banner advertisements, testing retargeting campaigns, and creating the content network investment work harder for you.

Method 5 – Build an Intuitive and No-stress Conversion Process for the Visitors

It will help if you concentrate on making the conversion process as smooth as possible. All the content that your visitors’ notice should be clear and precise.

Method 6 – Monitor the Marketing Behavior of Your Competitors

You should keep analyzing your competitors. You should ask yourself a few questions such as “are your rivals cutting off the ads at particular times?”, “Are your competitors using more keywords than others?”.

It will help you understand what is working for your competitors and your net strategy for the PPC campaign.

Final words

You should continuously analyze various keywords, landing pages, and advertisements to enhance conversion rates and increase profitability. Regardless of the outcomes, all these efforts will help you gain knowledge in the process.


According to the statista.com, it is expected that the ad investment will show an annual growth rate of 6.5% (CAGR 2020-25). Digital marketing will also feel the impact. So, it is imperative to strategize the PPC campaigns effectively and precisely.

Rakshit is a content marketer at PeddleWeb, an internet advertising company in India. He holds spectacular skills in digital marketing, branding, lead generation, customer retention and few more.
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