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How to Create a Logo for Your Business

All graphic design professionals and those who work in advertising design and brand communication are more than familiar with how to create a logo in all its forms and kinds. There are several types of logos in the world of logo design, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.

Knowing them and knowing their characteristics is essential to work in graphic design or brand image design, as well as advertising. What’s more, you have all the data about the different types of logos that there are and what differentiates them. In this way, you will have all the data to be able to know which is the most appropriate when drawing a brand. And from it, how to create a logo for your business.

The four main types of logos

There are four main types of logos in the world of design and brand image: logotype, imagotype, isologo, and isotype.

The first of them is perhaps the most popular. The composition of its name says it all: a logo is composed solely of a group of words or letters; no images. It is one of the few types of logos that do not carry it. Practically all the types of logos that exist are known as logos, whether they carry it or not.

The imagotype does have images that accompany the text. This can go, therefore, with an image or a symbol. Of course, it will be separated from the text and can never be below it. That is, it can be above it, to the left of the text, or to its right. And the text will never be placed on the image.

An isologo, like the imagotypes, also has text and an image. But it presents a difference with respect to these. In an isologo, the image and the text are attached. The text and the image or graphic symbol that it bears are attached.

Finally, isotypes are those that have a particularity; And it is that, unlike other types of logos, they do not include the name of the brand in letters. They are able to transmit and communicate what the brand means and even what it is without having to mention it. They are divided into six classes, as we will see below.

The six types of isotypes

Isotypes, the last of the types of logos, are in turn divided into six other categories: monogram, anagram, acronym, initial, signature, and pictogram.

The first is composed of an image that represents the brand and with which it is identified. This image is formed from at least one initial of the brand, which serves as the starting point for its creation. 

For their part, anagrams are made up of several syllables linked together. They are used mainly to create the isotype of brands that have long names and want a logo with text, but that is not so long. In this way, they also get their customers and the general public to remember their names better.

The acronym only uses the initials of the brand name. But, unlike the monogram, a complete image is not created with them. They can be identified and read perfectly. 

Meanwhile, the initial is the representation of a brand or a company by means of a single letter, completely legible—the first of its name.

The signature has a conception similar to that of the logo, but its structure resembles personal signatures. It only has letters, but they create a design in the form of a signature, more or less made by hand. In addition to communicating the brand name, this type of logo adds a personal touch to the logo and adds a touch of authenticity.

The pictogram is a logo that, basically, is a symbol that accompanies a logo. They can constitute a logo by themselves or be the complement of a logo. They can also be an abstract image that identifies the brand or be a figure that allows us to recognize what it represents.

How to create a logo for your business

Once all the types of logos that exist are known, you will have the basis for creating a logo for a brand. But to be the best, you can create a logo yourself. It is not enough to choose a type of logo and start designing. You have to keep other aspects in mind. To begin, you will have to study the brand and its values in depth. And what you want to convey to the public and your customers. In this way, you can get an idea of what type of logo is the most suitable to use in the design.

Before proceeding with the design, you should bear in mind that it is better to keep it simple. It is something that those who are considered the best company logos have in common: they do not have superfluous elements. They do not cause fatigue when viewing them.

The logo also has to convey the brand values and give a clear message about them. It must follow a clear line and be consistent with everything that the brand represents. On the other hand, the fact that it is simple does not imply that it must have some unique element, which makes it clearly distinguishable from the rest.

Free and Paid resources to create a logo

We are going to see different tools to make free online logos. They are available for creating corporate designs and logos, as well as for making ideas and creating logos with other more advanced graphic design programs such as Photoshop.

All of these programs are online and free. Some of them require a price registration, and others can be used simply by accessing their website.


This application is geared toward experienced designers. It enables you to start from a blank canvas or use one of its templates. You have the possibility to edit documents saved in Dropbox and Google Drive directly from its interface.

It provides a multitude of utilities such as shapes, fonts, colors, sizes, arrangement of objects, and a series of more common options for payment platforms.

It is a freemium tool that places a watermark and does not allow the commercial use of the designs in its free version.


DesignEvo is the typical program, and it is very powerful to create a company logo. Its interface is simple and functional. It has a top clear bar where you can find the options to undo and redo, see the preview, save and download the logo design. In the left sidebar, there are the elements (icon, text, shape, background) to design and the language of the tool.

It is a free web tool that allows you to carry out the entire creation process until download, as well as save the designs to reuse them as many times as you want. Overall, it has all the essential elements to create a professional logo.  

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a tool of famous search engine to consult and download letter fonts. If you are looking for a stunning font for your website logo, make sure it is in Google Fonts. And all commonly used browsers will recognize it without problems.


Flaticon is a website to get all kinds of icons. It offers more than 900,000 icons divided into more than 18,000 packs. All of them can be downloaded in PSD, SVG, EPS, and PNG format. It is a project created by Freepik.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace for designers to sell their creations: images, fonts, photographs, images, etc. You can find high-quality resources.


GraphicSprings is a really powerful program to make logos. With it, you are able to create commercial logos for any sector: restaurant logos, clothing logos, bodybuilding logos, logos for your company, etc.

This tool has a long list of categories to make it easier for us to design our business logo. In addition, it gives you a wide range of font types. The end result is very good, and you can download it in high resolution.

In order to make original logos, it is very practical to have a series of resources that enhance your graphic design of logos without going crazy. 


Creating an effective logo can seem like a simple and quick task. However, its creation involves hours of research, preliminary sketches … We must be clear that a logo is the visible face of the brand, and therefore, it must make a good impression from the first moments.

The above are the basic ingredients to create a great logo for your business. But to make sure of this, it is best to create several or one with variants and present them to an audience so that they can choose the one that impacts them the most or the one they think best suits the brand before deciding on one in particular. 

The public is always the best judge to determine if your work is the best or you can still improve it. In addition, they are sure to give you great ideas to improve it and create the perfect logo. Do you dare?

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