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How to Add a Fresh Look to Your Home

If you haven’t updated your home in a while and you are getting bored with how it looks, there is no better time to do it than now. Adding a fresh look to your home doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming and pricey like renovating it is. Here is how you add a fresh look to your home and be happy about it again. 

Add A Fun Gallery Wall

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to make you speechless than a wall full of memories. One of the best and simplest ways to add a fresh look to your home is to create a gallery wall. All you need to do is get frames that you like and print out some of your favourite memories. If you or someone you know is an artist you can hand sketches or art or even your children’s art. This will give your home a really homey and cozy feeling. 

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Make a Chalkboard Wall

No matter how old you are, there is a specific feeling of satisfaction that you get when you are drawing on your walls. That is why chalkboard walls are the best thing to have in your home. It will not only keep you and your kids entertained for hours, it is great for leaving notes, lists and important messages but it is perfect for adding a fresh look to your home. 

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Make it Bigger

If you are completely in love with your home, but you and your family are starting to feel a bit cramped, home extensions and additions are something that will give you extra space without having to move. Adding a living area or a bedroom that is well-designed will not only give you a fresh look to your home but it will also add a lot of value to your home. When you are doing something like this it is very important that you hire a builder that you can rely on and get the best service for what you are paying for. 

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Try Out Peelable Wallpaper 

If you are someone who likes to change things up once in a while and you like the look of freshly painted walls, then peelable wallpaper is the perfect fit for you. They are an adhesive wall covering that comes in so many different colours. All you need to do is stick them onto your walls and you will have freshly painted walls without having to inhale the fumes and wait for it to dry. Once you get bored of it all you need to do is peel it off the wall and put on a new one. 

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Painting Door Trim

One of the best ways to give your home a new fresh look, but you don’t really want to change a whole lot, painting your door trims a fun colour will bring that satisfaction. It will really take people by surprise because it is not something a lot of people do.  By pairing the trim you will create a dynamic entrance and give you a hit of colour. 

Add Some Greenery

If you don’t really want to make a big commitment but you still want that fresh look, you can simply add some greenery around your home. You don’t have to pick expensive high maintenance plants, succulents and cacti will do the trick and freshen up your space.

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In the end, when you are decorating your home and giving it more freshness, the only thing that is important is that you are pleased with the outcome. You will get the best results by thinking outside of the box and having fun. 

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