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How do I create an Apple Developer account?

To submit an application to the App Store, the first step is to create an Apple developer account. The procedure is quite similar to the creation of an Android Developer account, but differs somewhat, we give you the procedure!

Note : It is recommended to perform the following steps on an Apple computer, with the Safari web browser.

Step 1: gather the necessary information and documents

Apple will ask you for a number of information. To avoid being blocked during the procedure, in particular by elements which may take a long time to retrieve, such as the DUNS, we recommend that you first collect the following information.

Structure information

When creating the iOS Developer account, several information are requested before accessing the payment:

  • Type of Structure: business or government organization
  • Account name: company name, as shown on tax documents
  • Website
  • DUNS number of the company (see next paragraph)
  • Contact email address linked to the company’s domain name
  • Phone number

In addition to this information, most of the time, Apple then contacts the structure (by phone or email) and notably requests a copy of the Kbis.


DUNS is a 9-digit number that identifies a company globally in the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) directory. A free service from Apple allows you to recover your DUNS if it exists, or to ask D&B to create one, on (an Apple ID is required). Applying for a DUNS to D&B can be quite long if the company is not known to their services. They may request to contact the company for more information.

D&B representatives in France are Altares and its Manageo site. To check the information known to the group about the company, a search on Manageo can be carried out. On the company file, if Manageo offers to recover the DUNS with a paid service, it is because the DUNS already exists.

Please note, the name of the structure must correspond exactly to the D&B information. If the name known to D&B (or Manageo) is incorrect, it must be changed before registering.

Step 2: create an Apple account and recover its Apple ID

The organization’s iOS developer account will be linked to an Apple ID. An Apple ID is a personal account at Apple that crosses several of their services. If you don’t have one, then you have to start by creating one on

The ideal is to create one which is associated with the legal person in charge of the structure and which will therefore be the owner (“owner”) of the Developer iOS account.

Double authentication

To continue with this step, you must have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Mac) to activate two-factor authentication (now required for an AppleID to become a team-owner).

Many encounter some obstacles to the implementation of two-factor authentication; an Apple support page explains the procedure

Information to provide to create an Apple account

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email: preferably linked to the domain name of the structure. (Ex .: [email protected])
  • Safety email
  • Password: comprising at least one lower case, one upper case, one number. At least 8 characters long.
  • Date of Birth
  • Address

Then, 3 security questions must be chosen. In the event of loss of access to the account, responses may be requested by Apple. It is therefore essential to be able to find them.

Step 3: create your iOS Developer account


Registration is done on the Apple Developer Program page

  1. Choose iOS Developer Program
  2. Click on “Enroll now”
  3. Click on “Continue”
  4. Choose “Existing Apple ID” by clicking on “Sign in”

Two plans are offered, one for individuals, the other for legal entities. For companies, choose “Company / Organization”

Apple ID account sign-in and legal liability

Log in to the Apple ID account which will be the owner of the Developer iOS account. Two situations:

  • A: this is the Apple ID of the person in charge of the structure. In this case, we choose “Yes, I am the owner / founder and have the legal authority to sign and bind my company to Apple Developer Program legal agreements and contracts”.
  • B: This is the Apple ID of a representative of the manager. In this case, we choose “Yes, I have the legal authority to sign and bind my company to Apple Developer Program legal agreements and contracts” and we fill out the form below.

You must then enter the information on the person to contact in the structure to verify that the person linked to the Apple ID has the right to legally engage the structure in the iOS development program. The ideal is for the person in charge of the structure to be in direct contact. The information requested is:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Title
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

All you have to do is …

  • Fill in the information about the structure that you had collected before
    • Type of Structure: business or government organization
    • Account name: company name, as shown on official documents (Kbis for example)
    • Website
    • Company DUNS number
    • Contact email address linked to the company’s domain name
    • Phone number
  • Confirm the choice of plan (Company / Organization)
  • Proceed to the payment of $ 99 / year

Do not forget to finalize by creating your account on itunes.

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