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10 Best Camera For Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is the niche of photography that involves taking pictures for commercial use like branding and advertising. The savvy commercial photographers have amazing skills to represent the people and products in the most alluring style. One can earn a handsome amount by capturing photographs for commercial use. All you need is great photography skills and outstanding quality cameras. The camera plays a vital role in making the pictures more appealing. The high-quality camera allows you to dream bigger and to turn your imagination into reality. Simply put, the greater the camera, the higher the probability to come out with great clicks.

As the job of the commercial photographer is to showcase the subject in its best possible way. A good camera helps the commercial photography pro to highlight even the smallest features of the subject. Besides, the high-quality camera adds little creativity to the image. A commercial photographer can’t stay ahead of the competition without investing in a high-resolution camera.

The low-quality camera acts as a snag between you and your creativity. It blocks you from turning your fancy into a tangible form. If you are also a commercial photographer, you should wisely select the camera for your art. Look for manual mode, lens interchangeability, resolution, dynamic range performance, etc., while purchasing the camera.

The market is full of cameras, and sometimes it’s become very daunting to choose the best one, especially if you are new in the commercial photography business. Don’t be discouraged; we have crafted a list of 10 powerful cameras, which will take your photography art to the next level.

10 Best Camera For Commercial Photographers:

  • Fujifilm- X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2 is a mirrorless professional camera. It offers amazing image quality and a great autofocus feature. It possesses a contemporary look and unique color rendition that makes this camera perfect for commercial images. The Fujifilm X-T2 consists of SR auto mode for automatic shooting and is equipped with 24.3 MP sensors.

  • Sony Alpha a600

Sony released Alpha 600 in 2014. But due to its fascinating functions, it is still in high demand. This camera is the first choice of many photo geeks and apertures. This camera is very compact and comes with 24 MP sensors and an incredible OLED viewfinder. Another interesting feature of this camera is that it is equipped with a viewfinder that helps to enhance your photography style.

  • Canon T7i

It is the advanced version of Canon T7. Canon T7i comes with a touch screen feature, while Canon T7 doesn’t offer a touch screen option. Canon T7i has inbuilt wifi that allows you to transfer the images wirelessly to your tablet or computer. This camera is best for intermediate commercial or product photographers who already invested in Canon lenses. The cost of the Canon T7i is equivalent to the Sony Alpha a600, and it also offers a 24MP resolution.

  • Nikon D850

Nikon D850 is among the most expensive professional cameras. It costs around 3000 US dollars, but it’s worth it. It comes with a 45-megapixel resolution and enables you to click images with excellent clarity. Nikon D850 is very light in weight and has a solid autofocus feature. Not just that, this camera comes with a lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 1,840 shots.

  • Hasselblad X1D II 50C

It is a mirrorless digital camera that offers outstanding image quality. The expert level commercial photographers can consider this camera for enhancing their photography skills. The cost of this compact camera is equal to the Fujifilm GFX 50R. Hasselblad X1D II 50C produces very little noise at low ISO. This camera offers a very high resolution of 400 MP.

  • PhaseOne XF IQ4 

PhaseOne XF 1Q4 is also an expert level camera. It comes with a 150 MP resolution. This camera never becomes obsolete; you can use this for years. You can replace the components of PhaseOne XF 1Q4 as technology gets advanced.

  • Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 was released in July 2020. It ranks second in the list of the most expensive Canon cameras with a price of 3,899 USD. Canon EOS R5 comes with 45 MP sensors, and its ISO range lies between 100 to 51,200. Canon EOS R5 does not come with a lens; you have to purchase it separately. Canon EOS R5 is perfect for both capturing photos and shooting videos.

  • Nikon D6

Nikon D6 is built around 20.8 MP resolution and equipped with full-frame sensors.  It comes with a robust autofocus feature and costs around 6,500 USD. Buying this camera for your commercial photography work would be a great deal.

  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

This camera will serve your fast shooting needs. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II offers 16-megapixel resolution and is equipped with 4/3 microsensors. This camera also offers various semi-tones and color rendering options.

  • Sony Alpha 7R IV

This camera features a 60.2 MP resolution and uses the best autofocus technology. Sony Alpha 7R IV helps you to capture the smallest details of the subject. It is among the most affordable professional cameras.

The Bottom Line:

If you are planning to start your career with commercials or want to update your existing camera, you can consider the above options.

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