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HP Officejet Pro 8740 review

HP Officejet Pro 8740 is a pretty proficient color inkjet which competes on equal terms with many popular laser printers. It is designed for business or single-office use and performs its features well. At the same time it is much more cost-effective than a color laser. But let’s go in order.

Size and look

When you first look at hp officejet pro 8740 you will see that it is pretty large. It has a considerable footprint and is 20 inches in width by 21 and 16 in depth and height respectively. It is also a heavy thing with a weight over 40 pounds or 18 kg. But this is common for all-in-one devices with similar facilities. 

Weight isn’t an issue because the hp officejet pro 8740 is most likely to be put somewhere convenient in the office and won’t be carried back and forth. The look of the device is modern and sleek. It is made with white body and gray panels near the 4.3″ CGD touchscreen.

Simple setup

Setting up the printer includes installing 4 separate ink cartridges, loading the paper tray and installment of hp officejet pro 8740 drivers. By the way, inks that have the wrong chemical formula can destroy your printer. Therefore, use only reliable hp 8740 ink, such as those found on the Smart Ink website.

 Connecting printer to PCs can be done wirelessly but in case you want a hardwire – here you are. You may use USB or Ethernet cable. Since hp officejet pro 8740 is all-in-one you are to find telephone jacks for the fax line. Once the connection is done, send to press from any device in your Wi-Fi. For this purpose you may use:

  • HP ePrint; 
  • Apple AirPrint; 
  • Mopria-certified; 
  • Wireless Direct Printing.

Output in a minute

Pages as large as Legal size, envelopes and photos are printed truly fast. Namely, 24 monochrome or 20 color sheets in a minute. Duplex is also fast, the ability of hp officejet pro 8740 to handle 2 pages at the same time and to deliver 20 black and white pages or 17 color ones is amazing.

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