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The 13 Best Sleep Gadgets to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

We have often heard people say that one should abstain from using electronics and gadgets too close to bedtime as they may negatively affect our sleep quality. However, not all tech equipment is bad for your sleep as a great deal of new gadgets and sleep devices are being developed everyday with the aim of increasing your ease of falling asleep. We have therefore come up with a handy list of 13 major sleep gadgets that are essential for a good night’s sleep.

#1 LectroFan Evo 

Sound is one of the most crucial factors that you need to keep under check throughout your sleep. Though there are a number of different sound machines in the market, the one that can most potentially block noise is LectroFan Evo. This white noise sound machine has a number of fan sounds and more than 20 high-quality white noise varieties. The quality of its speakers and volume are just what you need if you are fond of sleeping late into the morning. The top-notch masking ability of this sleep device ensures that your noisy neighbors and traffic can no more interrupt your precious sleep.

#2 Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch

No good sleep device list is complete without having mentioned a good health tracker. It is very important that you set your priorities straight before buying a smartwatch. A large number of people remain confused about how to use a sleep tracker to track your sleep as there are a range of different health trackers meant for different functions related to health monitoring. Coming from one of the leading smartwatch makers, the Fitbit Versa 2 is adept at REM sleep monitoring. This comfortable and interactive sleep device lets you track the amount of time you spend in different stages of REM sleep. Along with other essential sleep tracking features such as an accelerometer and hear-rate tracker, this smartwatch stands out as one of the best sleep gadgets out there.

#3 Philips Hue White & Colour Starter Kit

Taking care of the light in your bedroom is one of the most important steps to make it easier to fall asleep. The smart light system by Philips make sure that you create the best schedule you need to help regulate your sleep-wake cycle. The automated lights with a range of different hues can mimic the sunset affect that let’s your body prepare itself for bedtime in a gradual manner. The lights which can be controlled via the Philips Hue App can similarly produce bright light in the morning to help you wake up naturally.

#4 Dodow

The adorable-sounding sleep aid is one of the leading sleep gadgets that claims to ease the process of falling asleep. The wireless device that can be placed on a bedside table has the ability to project a modest ring of blue light on your ceiling for a span of 8 or 20 minutes (depending on the mode). The sleep device syncs with your breath rate and the light from it somewhat hypnotically contracts and expands in a metronome-like rhythm to ease your breathing and calm your mind.

#5 Zeeq Smart Pillow 

With all this talk of smart lights and smart speakers it would be a shame to have a pillow that isn’t smart after all it’s that one thing that you are closest to throughout your sleep. The Zeeq Smart Pillow is loaded with a number of different functions to aid your sleep such as sleep tracking, alarm clock, a set of speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, snore monitoring and prevention, etc. The pillow is packed with customizable bits of memory foam and the cover is made up of tencel botanic fabric which regulates the pillow temperature and moisture levels. The various features can easily be controlled via a remote control or the official app from Zeeq.

#6 Sensorwake Olfactory Alarm Clock

For many people, an alarm-clock is a source of extreme fright and stress because of its nature of startling people up from their sleep. This can cause an increase in one’s blood pressure and heart rate and lead to alarm anxiety that makes it difficult to complete one’s sleep cycle. The olfactory alarm clock can release a number of different pleasant smells such as that of grass, the sea, peaches, warm breakfast, etc., at a set time. This makes the process of waking up gradual and prevents hormonal imbalance.

#7 Bose Noise-Masking sleepbuds

If you find a regular pair of earbuds inefficient in blocking outer noise or your partner isn’t comfortable with your regular white noise machine, maybe it’s time to shift to a more ‘smarter’ way. The noise masking buds by Bose are lightweight and comfortable enough for you to sleep having plugged them in. The sleep device that can be controlled by an app, produces pleasant sounds that help you sleep and wake up easily and more gradually. The gadget can be counted among one of the good sleep devices especially when you’re travelling. Check out a list of easy ways to make your caravan more sleep-friendly.

#8 Sleep Shepherd Blue

This second-generation wearable sleep device is proficient in monitoring your sleeping schedule and REM sleep. The smart headband facilitates sleep and relaxes the mind by regulating brain waves which makes it a good sleep device to combat insomnia. The sleep device that employs binaural beats to wake you up in the morning can be easily be controlled via an app in your smartphone.

#9 VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic diffuser

To ensure that your bedroom smells good throughout your sleeping schedule, it is key that you install an essential oil diffuser that provides a misting effect. This sleep aid is equipped with LED lights and can cover an area of about 80 to 100 square feet. You can opt from the two modes- strong and standard- based on the area of your room. It has a reservoir capacity of 300ml and is comparatively less noisy than other diffusers.

#10 Awair Glow C

Awair Glow C is widely termed as one of the best air quality monitoring devices available in the market as just the smell of air isn’t enough to ensure a good night’s sleep. The sleep device can monitor the amount of volatile organic compound and humidity in the air and then present the user with a scorecard to easily assess the quality of air. The device which comes with a motion sensor can trigger other electric appliances like a fan or humidifier to start running when the air quality is poor.

#11 Nest Learning Thermostat

A major cause of interruption during sleep is improper bedroom temperature. It therefore becomes essential that your room has a smart thermostat which can adjust your bedroom temperature to the optimum range and Nest’s Learning Thermostat does just that. The smart device comes with a large screen and covers a wider range than previous models. The device has Bluetooth support and can be controlled via voice commands. The best features about the device remains it geofencing ability and that of recording preferences over time.

#12 Breo iSee4

The Breo iSee4 eye mask does not only block light but also has the ability to give a warm massage to your eyes. This chargeable eye mask is one of the very good sleep devices if you’re on the go and need a good round of sleep. The mask which has about three different massage modes can not only ease headache but also increase blood flow around the skin and eyes

#13 Eight Sleep Tracker

The Eight Sleep Tracker, which was previously named Luna, is one of the best devices that monitors your breathing, heart rate, temperature, etc. The device that can be attached to a mattress cover is widely preferred by those who abstain from suing a wearable tracker.  The smart device that can adjust the temperature of the Eight Mattress provides a range of different modes to choose from and also has the ability to set two different modes for two sides of the bed.


People who use devices like smartphones and tablets right before sleeping have a tough time falling asleep as the light from these devices may lead to suppressing of hormones that are essential for sleep. However, the present world is beaming with a wide number of good sleep devices that help one fall asleep and provide an all-round pleasant experience.

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