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5 Best Product Design Tools in 2022

Give your customers a wand of customization with the help of a product designer tool. Here are top 5 product designer tools you can find your ideal one from.

How about giving your customers a magic wand that they can use to create their dream products? Wouldn’t that be fascinating if your customers could give their personalized touch to each and every product and packaging! That is precisely what an online product designer tool allows your customers to do. It includes all the required tools to help your customers with everything they need. There are different product design tools serving different or advanced features such as Sign & Banner. From many, you can choose the one that fits your requirements the best.

Brush Your Ideas

Brush Your Ideas is a complete Web-to-Print software solution developed by ecommerce industry experts. It has 10+ years of experience and the trust of 100+ online stores. What do your customers want for customizing their dream products? Text editor, clip-art, font varieties, name and numbers, image insertion, background designs, templates? They got it all.

Your customers simply have to start painting their plain canvas with the help of your tools. Once they adjust the alignments, they can have a 360° visualization of your design. They can see a whole designed product in 2D form and 360° previews. After complete satisfaction with their design, they can download and save the designs in .jpg and .png file format.

Brush Your Ideas follows the ‘Mobile First’ policy to give your customers the comfort of any screen they want to use. They provide support for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet.

More features include:

  • Multiple design areas
  • CMYK color support with RGB
  • Custom image upload
  • Image effects
  • Image editing
  • 10,000+ customizable clipart

What Can it Customize?

Here, the question should be what it cannot customize? The list of products it can customize are:

  • Card & Stationery
  • Gift
  • Skin & Cover
  • Sign & Poster
  • Shoe
  • Mug
  • Photo Album
  • Photo Calendar
  • Sticker
  • Button
  • Trophy
  • Uniform
  • Package
  • Face Mask

Who Can Use It?

Both start-ups and established businesses can use this tool. This tool includes all the features and support that can boost your business reach in the desired way. You can customize your store and make it look the way you want. You can get many admin features that allow you to customize your store by giving it the theme, logo, outlook, and approach of your choice.


It is a popular software solution for t-shirt design. One of its best features is that it creates vector graphics and also allows your customers to work with different formats. It has a vast library with:

  • 1,000 high-resolution images
  • 7,000 clip-art images
  • 1,000 typefaces
  • 150 ready-to-design templates
  • 600 fountain, bitmap, and vector files

They can even add text, graphics, and paste images. There are even tutorials for beginners to learn how to use their services on their website. It has pre-designed templates and images, which are ideal for designers who require practical materials. Some of the other features include shadows, symmetrical designs, mosaic, etc. 

They have one new feature— Non-Destructive Effects. This feature lets your customers experiment with various effects on their pictures without changing the source image. Corel Draw comes with a 15-day free trial. Later, you can buy it outright or can even go for its annual subscription.

Autodesk Inventor

With Inventor, your customers can convert their ideas into finished products by just following a step-by-step process. It is a 3D modeling program that enables them to see how their final product will look. Besides, from designing the product they want, they also get a whole gallery to choose different themes, colors, materials used, and other design elements for applying to their product. This product design software comes with instructions that you and your customers can follow and learn easily.

It includes:

  • Standard library for mechanical parts
  • 2D and 3D features
  • Freeform modeling tools


It is one of the popular product designer software applications available for browsing, editing, and uploading their creations to the Internet. SketchUp makes modifying or creating unique shapes and designs easy, which are usually difficult to obtain with other programs.

It allows your customers to upload a picture from their gallery and apply several visual styles to the product. This design software includes a huge library of free 3D components.

It includes:

  • 3D visualization
  • Speedy modeling of simple shapes

Affinity Designer

When it comes to creating concept art, print projects, icons, logos, UI designs, mock-ups, and more, this design software is the choice of thousands of professional illustrators, game developers, and web designers. It gives a combination of vector and raster design tools. It is a precise image editing software that will allow your customers to create or edit any pictures.

From books to marketing materials, social media templates, to website mock-ups, this next-generation app gives the power to combine images, graphics, and text. You can create beautiful layouts by applying its editing tools to the picture of your choice. Of course, you can create your own too by using the designing tools.


The struggle for size, design, color, and gifts was assumed never to end, but a product designer tool has all the real solutions to your real struggles. Now, you can provide your customers with the t-shirt they dreamed of last night in their wardrobe the next day. They simply need to put their dream into designs. A personalized quote-written mug can generate all the energy for the day. Giving a company an appealing logo and stickers can indeed change the game. So, let your customers brush the canvas with everything in their mind and you can deliver the exact products. This way, an online product designer tool can enhance your store’s engagement and sales count. We cannot forget how satisfying your customers will feel while designing their own products and delivering the same. Also, make sure you serve high printing quality. Because the outcome of the designs will eventually depend on that.

Pratik Shah
Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software and Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions. He has been giving his valuable tips and suggestion about product designer tool.
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