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Best Banner Design Ideas to Choose From

If you want to excel and make sure you create an instant impact, a roller banner or a roll-up banner is a great choice. Roller banners help you stand out amongst your competition whether you are at an event or you are displaying it in your office or storage area.

You might be thinking of what roller banners are. Roller banners are a widely popular and fairly simple form of advertising. It can be removed in and out of the stand, creating a major impact when on display. If you are looking forward to capitalizing the effect, you will have to choose the design carefully. You must also focus on business branding when designing roller banner templates.

Creative tips for your next roller banner including some roller banner templates

Placement is key

When you are designing your roller banner, you should have a clear idea of where it is possibly going to be used. While in some cases it may be multi-functional, you must decide a primary use in mind.

It may seem trivial in the beginning but how you are going to use your roll-up banner can determine the design and layout. For instance, if you wish to use it at an event where the bottom half would be concealed by a table or chair, you would need to take this into consideration.

Moreover, a roller banner shouldn’t be partially hidden or concealed in any way. But, if that is going to be the case then you need to design your roller banner carefully. This includes not adding call-to-action or important info on the bottom half of the banner.

Quality over quantity

You might have a great deal of content you want to display during outdoor banner printing, but a roller banner may not be the correct place to do it. The actual idea of the roller banner is to catch the attention and spread bread awareness rather than providing tons of detail.

While keeping this into account, you must determine the proper use of content in your overall design. Excessive text will greatly reduce the impact of a stunning design. The best idea is to add some basic text and completely avoid long text or a paragraph.

Make it convenient for the Customer

People are generally used to reading from top to bottom and consequently go from left to right. The text displayed within the design will follow the same principle and the eye will automatically run over heavy graphics.

If you go with an offbeat design, you might not be able to get your message across in a prompt manner. This is ideal for people who dig deep and try to understand your business but for a casual audience, you might lose an opportunity to create an impression.

Use vibrant colours

When it comes to outdoor banner printing, you can go bold or go home. Personally, even if you are someone who likes subtle design but a banner is not the right place to hide.

Colours are your best friends and you can use aesthetic designs with contrasting hues that will help you stand out from the competition. Before you decide on the final design, you must discuss your branding and corporate colours. It is best to use the same colours for your customers to recognize you from a distance.

Premium Quality

High-quality images will be the highlight of your roller banner which helps garner more attention to your brand. If you use low-resolution images and it is enlarged, the result will be a blurry mess.

Along with the images and design, it is also important to use premium quality material instead of using cheap outdoor banners. You must understand that your banner is going to be the hero of your event and you don’t need to break your bank, instead opt for high quality yet cheap banner printing.


One of the main reasons for using a roll-up banner is to get the contact details and brand name out there to the target audience. It is possible that your banner contains other relevant information but a prompt call to action is the most crucial feature and should not be missed in any case.

The top left of your roller banner is going to be the first place where people will look. It is an excellent idea to put your brand logo and relevant contact details on the top of the roll-up banner. You must ensure that your call to action is visible to everyone at all times.

Final Word

We hope we have efficiently covered some of the best design ideas for your next roller banner. If you are looking for some inspiration or have any doubt regarding the design and layout, there are various skilled and experienced outdoor banners UK agencies who can help you with your next event banner.

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