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Top 6 Best Affordable Email Hosting Providers in 2021

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.”

~ David Newman.

Emails are quintessential for any individual, business, firm, or brand, for that matter. They are the most professional means to communicate with your target audience.

Email Hosting becomes inevitable when you need specific customizations and requirements to meet. Shared Email Hosting along with Web Hosting is too an option but isn’t mostly preferred. Emails dispatched via this mode reach the spam.

What are the advantages of Email Hosting?

  • Custom Domain Name: [email protected]
  • Better Security: Due to the POP message encryption
  • Better Collaborative tools: Customized Calendering, Scheduling, and Sharing tasks and contacts

Following is a list of email providers arranged in descending order of their purchase plans. Read thoroughly to the bottom to get your best deal! You can also make use of the best email hosting with the help from TechiePlus.

Best Affordable Email Hosting Providers


The most popular plan on its chart, i.e., Standard version, retails for $5 per month. The subscription offers storage of 30 G.B. per user. With a fast web interface, FastMail works with complete transparency. No data is locked in the system, which makes it secure and reliable. You can function very professionally across your network with the Emails, Calendars, and Contacts’ managing features. You can also prioritize your clients, choose VIPs and attend them personally.

Can avail all the facilities via desktop and mobile apps for better portability. You might also try the basic plan at an even lower rate (with only storage constraints)


Very handy for ones running a blog!

The shared starter subscription plan at $3.95 per month comes with pre-installed WordPress. It is available with a free domain and easily automated migrations. DreamHost offers efficient storage in the form of SSD (solid-state drive). Apart from hosting emails, it also provides for customizations to augment traffic.

Office & G Suite

Both these Cloud giants have been clustered together, for they offer very similar features at the same rates. So, for example, the scope to access your domain name, standard support, security, scheduling, and working coherently as a team via inbuilt video conferencing and meeting tools is similar in Office 365 and Google Workspace.


The most basic plan at Rackspace, marked at $1.99 per month, is widely accepted across Webmail and mobile users. Premium spam and Virus Filtrations coupled with unlimited email aliases and a large capacity of 25 G.B. mailboxes make it a good bargain. In addition, it flaunts 24*7*365 Expert Support. The higher plans come along with more storage, ActiveSync, and Email archiving options. But for starters, it can be worth a try.


At a meager rate of $1 per month, Zoho brings unlimited attributes to your disposal. Besides custom domains and unparalleled security and privacy, it provides you with an extensive control panel. You can collaborate on a new trend via STREAMS! At higher subscription rates, Zoho can offer to manage sales better by integrating with Zoho CRM.


NameCheap is accessible at an unbelievable amount of $0.99 per month. It guarantees safe access and extra security via Two-factor Authorization (2FA). Highly compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, it is great for team collaboration and office suite. In addition, it provides the user with a unified mailbox to monitor and manage several email accounts on one go. Not to forget, the HTML signatures and the POP3/IMAP/ Webmail access make it highly suitable to get your hand on.

It is highly suggested to first list your requirements and choose a host catering to all those. If you doubt, you can try all these hosting services for a free trial period of one month. (P.S. NameCheap offers a free period of 2 months)

Good luck finalizing your ultimate Email Hosting Service!

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