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Top 10 Responsive Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

You’re seeking for your WordPress site’s greatest social networking plug-ins? Your site should be able to link easily with prominent social networks to enable you to expand your visitors in addition to your website. This list of the top WordPress social networking plugins has been created so that you and your small company may identify those that work best for you.

Just wondering how can I install WordPress social media plugins? It’s extremely simple and clearly explained how to set up a WordPress plugin in this post. When you know how easy it is to link your website to a WordPress plugin, please have a look at the finest social networking plug-ins available!

The fundamental issue with most WordPress social media plugins is their performance. Because some plugins require more stylesheets and scripts to load, they can cause your website to slow down. See our post on how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time for more information.

Your WordPress site must strike a balance between functionality and performance. A feature-rich social networking plugin can become less effective if it slows down your website and degrades the user experience.

The next step is to pick which social media sites will be featured prominently on your website. By reducing the number of alternatives available, you may eliminate clutter and improve the user experience.

Why do you need social media sharing plugins?

While many of the top-rated social sharing plugins take responsive design into account right out of the box, many others do not. Even if your theme is responsive, non-responsive sharing solutions may look wonderful on desktop but operate horribly on mobile devices.

These elements can end up being tiny on smaller screens, clash with other plugins or layout components, require users to endure excessive loading times, or simply not operate at all if they aren’t carefully prepared for. That’s terrible news if your site’s users are using a mobile device, which is becoming more common.

According to We Are Social, web traffic from mobile devices surged by 39% from 2014 to 2015, with mobile devices now accounting for one-third of all web page visits. Is it really worth it to use a social sharing plugin that overlooks figures like these?

The top 10 social media plugins to enjoy your website

Let us have a look at the rundown of the best plugins of social media you can use on WordPress:

#1. Smash balloon

Smash Balloon is by far the greatest WordPress social media plugin. Actually, it’s a mix of many extremely strong plugins that let you bring your WordPress site to every social networking platform.


  • Social Wall – Match your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube social stream into one strong wall
  • Instagram Feed – Link images and tales to your WordPress site and do things such as allow your Instagram shop on your site.
  • Custom Twitter feed – Twitter cards shown, tweets listed (ideal for testimonials), etc.
  • Custom Feed for Facebook – Add Facebook updates, images, and videos to your WordPress site and stream live videos.

#2. Spotlight 

Consider Spotlight if you’re looking for a plugin to help you display your Instagram photographs on your website. Without inputting a single line of code, you can add a live interactive preview of your Instagram feed with this plugin. Spotlight is entirely responsive, adapting the gallery to every device a visitor uses.

The plugin is highly adjustable; it uses the font style of your theme and allows you to make over 40 changes (such as the number of posts, padding size, layout, button styles, and background color). Spotlight PRO unlocks a slew of new features. The option to see tagged or hashtag posts from throughout Instagram is a useful feature.

  • YouTube Feeds – Create feeds for your preferred collection of videos, display connected videos to your videos, adjust the presentation, and much more.
  • Food without limit – Make as much feed as you like.
  • Mobility – looks amazing on any device.
  • Customizing designs – you may customize the appearance of your feeds.

#3. Shared counts

Shared Counts is a fantastic, lightweight WordPress social media plugin. It indicates how many shares have been held on various social networking sites on your site.


  • Lightweight plugin – Don’t slow down and it’s extremely easy.
  • Easy to use – even novices enjoy a basic tool.
  • Developer-friendly — if you need sophisticated adjustments, hooks, and filters.
  • Friendly to GDPR — Do not utilize cookies.
  • Custom postal types — Enable the custom postal types plugin easily.
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, Yummly, Print, and Email are useful buttons.

#4. Social warfare

The feature-rich Social Warfare is another of the top social media plugins on our list. This allows you to manage what individuals post on social media (and how they share it).


  • Customizations — Increase clicks and traffic by adding custom titles, photos, and descriptions to your posts.
  • Google Analytics may be used to track the performance of your social media shares.
  • Popular posts widget – Display your most popular blog posts in a widget and see which ones are performing well automatically.
  • When switching permalink structures, you can easily recover share counts.

#5. Simple social icons

Simple Social Icons is a sidebar widget that displays simple social media icons. Setting up and getting those powerful social icons in your WordPress sidebar is simple and painless.


  • Customizable button styles — Choose your own colors with ease.
  • Lightweight — Doesn’t take up much space on your site and loads quickly.
  • Although there are fewer icons, it still has the most popular social platforms.
  • Rearrange the location of each of your social media icons so that the most significant ones are in the front and center.
  • Add your own — This option allows you to add more icons to utilize.

#6. Monarch plugin

Monarch by ElegentThemes is another WordPress social media plugin worth checking out. It includes over 30 social sharing networks that you may use to display on your website. You are free to add and rearrange as many available networks as you want.

The positioning of your social sharing buttons can have a significant impact on the success of your social media advertising. Monarch provides a wide range of options for where the sharing buttons can be placed.

The ability to share images is another amazing feature of Monarch. To distribute media files on social media, you’d normally require a different WordPress plugin, but Monarch can handle it for you as well.


  • Customizable button styles — Select your preferred color scheme with ease.
  • Compact — takes up little space on your site and loads rapidly.
  • It still has the most popular social platforms, albeit having fewer icons.
  • Rearrange the placement of each of your social media icons so that the most important ones are at the top.
  • Add your own – Using this option, you can add new icons to use.

#7. Better click to tweet

Better Click to Tweet is the company behind those amazing quote boxes you see on blogs. It encourages your readers to share an inspiring quote on Twitter, instantly exposing your brand and WordPress website to the world.


  • Well-liked – Easily the most widely used click-to-tweet plugin available.
  • Everyone can use it – there is a free version and a paid premium version.
  • Simple shortcodes or the block editor make it simple to use.
  • Adjustable callback URL boosts traffic.
  • Display that can be customized – The ‘via’ section should be removed or changed.
  • Designer-friendly — If you’re a designer, developer, or CSS expert, you’ll find a plethora of stylistic possibilities.

#8. Sassy social share

Sassy Social Share is more than just a catchy name; it also makes it simple for your visitors to share your content on their preferred social media networks. This plugin is compatible with a wide range of websites.


  • Excellent compatibility — BuddyPress and WooCommerce are both supported.
  • Featherlight — It’s optimized for lightning-fast performance, so it won’t burn up a lot of your website’s bandwidth.
  • A+ customer service – Excellent customer service personnel is known for their prompt and courteous responses.
  • 100% responsive – Looks beautiful and professional on every device, regardless of size.
  • Hundreds of sites – 100+ social media and bookmarking sites are supported.

#9. WordPress to buffer

If you utilize the popular social media management platform Buffer, WordPress to Buffer is an excellent social media solution to employ. When you execute scheduled publishing, this plugin transmits changes to your Buffer account.


  • Official Buffer partner — Selected by the social media management platform itself for continuing access to Buffer’s API.
  • Smart WordPress automation — Your WordPress material will be auto-posted to your Buffer queue.
  • Easy social media sharing – Send scheduled publications to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles automatically.

#10. Social icons button

With the useful utility known as Social Icons Widget, WPZoom has another one of the finest social networking plugins for WordPress. With a widget, you can rapidly add social media symbols to your website’s sidebar. Then, directly in your sidebar, you can link them to your social network profiles.


  • Simple to use — Use a widget to quickly add social networking icons with links to your profiles to your WordPress website.
  • Add as many social icons as you want – there are no limits.
  • Customization — Change the color of the buttons, the hover color, and the hover color with a color picker to match your branding, as well as padding and scaling choices for the icons.
  • There are a lot of social media sites — Supports over 100 popular social media platforms

Final verdict

Connecting your social media profiles to your WordPress website is a great way to accelerate your web app development company growth. So, we hope this article has aided you in your search for the finest WordPress social media plugin.

You might also want to have a look at our list of the best WordPress plugins of all time for more ideas on how to expand and manage your site.

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