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X Pros of Investing in Wiley CPA Courses

Do you aspire to ace the CPA exam? Wiley CPA preparatory courses present all the CPA aspirants with a great opportunity to enable themselves to get through the exam. Investing in Wiley CPA courses will have multifarious advantages for you, and these courses will surely boost your chances of acing the exam. These web-based preparatory courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual learners. Besides providing online mentoring and study materials, these courses also offer customized study planners for individual learners while focusing on their weaker areas. If you are a CPA aspirant looking for the best online preparatory courses, go through this article and explore the wide range of services that Wiley CPA courses offer. Also, this article will highlight some pros of investing in these courses. 

Free Trial Period

Wiley courses offer a 14-day free trial period that you can access without making any payment. This free trial period can further consolidate your decision to invest in the Wiley CPA courses. During this trial period, you can view online lectures, take practice tests based on MCQs, and access a multitude of online study material. By the end of this trial period, you will be in the best position to decide if Wiley CPA courses are worth investing in or not. 

Wide Range of Online Practice Tests

Wiley CPA prep courses offer you the largest online test bank. You can prepare yourself for the actual exam by taking these practice tests that will boost your confidence. Most students fail the exam because of nervousness and fear. These practice tests will allow you to shed all the fear and confidently appear in the actual exam. Moreover, the eight mock tests offered by these courses can help you acquaint yourself with the actual exam environment. 

Unlimited Access to Courses and Study Material

Most of you must have some questions in your mind before you decide to invest in Wiley CPA courses: ‘What if I don’t ace the exam on the first attempt? Will I have to pay extra bucks to access the course for my next attempt?’ The answer is NO. You can enjoy long-term access to the course and the study material it offers and benefit from them until you pass the exam. Moreover, there is no requirement to make any extra payment to avail prolonged access. 

Additional Study Aids

Wiley CPA courses provide additional study aids in the form of flashcards that are updated annually. You can use these supplementary aids to reinforce the newly-learned concepts and retain them over a long period of time. So, you can revise the concepts even while traveling to work or riding to the grocery store. 

Wiley’s Mobile App

Wiley CPA courses can be accessed through their mobile application. No matter where you are, you can access the study material and video lectures both online and offline. You can just open up the mobile application and keep studying even if you are riding a bus or boarding a plane. The offline access to the course makes it even more convenient for you to access the study aids without worrying about the availability of an internet connection. 

Expert Mentoring

Wiley CPA courses offer you the best mentoring from accredited professors. You can seek guidance from expert accounting educators and prepare yourself for all the upcoming challenges in the best way possible. 

Live Online Classes

Apart from offering online video lectures, there is another amazing feature of Wiley prep courses. They also offer live online classes, which you can take part in by using either your mobile phone or your laptop. Video lectures, at times, leave you with some confusion regarding certain concepts. However, live classes will let you clear all the confusion at once. You can enjoy live access to the team of highly qualified educators and question them on any confusion that you have regarding the concepts discussed in the lecture, and they can offer their valuable assistance right there, strengthening the chances of your success in the CPA exam. 

Customized Study Plans

Wiley CPA courses also offer customized study schedules based on the needs of individual learners. Discipline is always the first step toward success, and there is no better way to ensure discipline than to have a proper study schedule. By taking these courses, you can avail expert help in planning how, when, and what to study. All you need to do is enter the examination date and the number of hours you can dedicate per week to your studies. The rest will be done and planned by experts. The course will generate a study plan for you and will keep sending you reminders to complete your pending work, if any. By following the planner, you can avoid all the distractions that keep you from achieving your goals. 

Adaptive Technology

Wiley CPA prep courses employ adaptive technology that identifies your weaker areas. After identifying your weaker areas, it provides you with personalized study recommendations and material. By working on the highlighted weaker areas, you can fill these learning gaps and boost the chances of your success. 

11th-Hour Final Review Course

Another significant feature of Wiley CPA courses is that they offer an 11th-hour final review course. This review course significantly aids with revising all the previously studied relevant concepts. It also incorporates lectures on important topics and expert opinions on how to attempt and ace the exam. It enables the learners to have a quick, thorough revision of all the course contents.


Every student wants to invest in the best available study resources. However, it is really difficult to determine the best choice for yourself. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do adequate research before making any decision. This article will prove to be a great help if you are looking to invest in the best online CPA prep courses.

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