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Why Use Sustainable Packaging?

Are you looking for multilayer bags to protect food from aroma, light, and moisture? If yes, you should get in touch with reputed companies that sell zipper bags for food packaging. These are useful for keeping food fresh for a long time, and can be purchased in bulk if you have a food operation.

Uses of zipper bags

You can buy nylon zipper bags if you wish to pack any of the following in an airtight manner:

  1. Rice-based products
  2. Nuts
  3. Deep fried snacks and other products
  4. Vitamins and other pills
  5. Other types of food products
  6. Packaging commercial or home-grown cannabis for shipping and distribution

No more plastic packaging

There are few items which have impacted our consumer-based society more than plastic. It has been in production for over 50 years and its growth was stemmed by use in packaging. However, the same properties which make it suitable for packaging also make them non biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Alarming projections with respect to environmental damage have made people switch from plastics in the last few years.  

The challenge has been to find plastic alternatives with respect to food packaging, as it is necessary to have high barrier protection from water and oxygen. You may be wondering, what is sustainable packaging? What are the properties one should look for in packaging alternatives to plastic? The alternative needs to have similar properties of protection, price, preservation, and versatility, and also be visually appealing to the consumer. Sustainable alternatives such as stand up pouches, films, bags, and wraps are now available.

Major changes in dairy packaging

A lot of dairy product companies look to offer their customers convenience as well as sustainability, as customers search for product freshness and appearance. Consumers expect more and more brands to pay heed to the use of environmentally sound containers. They are also looking for packages with simple reclose and open capabilities. Gallon size milk containers are now making way for half gallon containers. Several single size packages for cottage cheese and yogurt are available. Flexible packaging options such as four sided sachets, containers with product display windows, and standup pouches are in the market. Dairy owners claim that they have never seen customers looking for packages that benefit the environment.

Flexible packaging is able to offer more benefits in comparison to rigid plastics. It needs lesser material and is much lighter than the latter. The shelf lives of food items are also increased in food pouches. Also, it makes sense to find barrier stand up pouches which are recyclable. Do not worry too much about the price, as most consumers today are willing to pay extra for environment friendly packaging.

Packaging for the healthcare industry

Several products in the healthcare industry are put in flexible packaging solutions. The reputed packaging companies follow high standards of quality such that products are exactly as promised. Standup pouches and laminated packaging materials are highly suitable for this industry. The pouches can conveniently used to pack several items in bulk. It has a unique shape which allows it to use less room during transportation. Safety is very important in this industry sector, and so the barrier pouches are made of strong materials. They are also subjected to stringent lamination and printing quality checks, much like the other packaging materials.

Advantages of using zipper bags

Look for a top company which supplies zipper bags. These bags are helpful in just about every industry, ranging from gifts to food, and retail as well. Here are the advantages:

  • Capable of holding several items
  • Eco friendly protection
  • The package is compact
  • Excellent clarity, for the true colors of items inside to be displayed
  • Have good resistance and are flexible
  • Food can be zip closed and preserved in them
  • Sliding zips make it easy to insert and take out items
  • Highly beneficial for retailers

Use zipper bags to organize things

For someone who is packing up his or her things to move out of an existing place, it is extremely beneficial to make use of zipper bags. How, you ask? Well, each zipper bag can be labeled with the help of a white strip on top. This type of packing will allow you to find anything at any time. You can also ask for custom made sizes as per your requirement.

Use of zipper freezer bags

These types of zipper bags are highly suitable for putting items in the freezer. Such bags are designed to perform well at sub zero temperatures. Each of the bags gets a written block for you to memorize the content and its date. Other than the storage, these zipper bags also help to organize a fridge in different ways. You may also use them to keep items fresh if you are moving out of town for a few days.

Sustainable packaging is helpful in many ways. It is not just beneficial for the environment, but also prevents toxic elements from being part of our food.


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