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Why App Development is Best Business For Beginners In Dubai?

Mobile app development possesses the potential to mend the gaps and limitations present in between the user base and a brand. This makes the technology the best available option for expanding business. The budding entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to step on the success ladder can take a look at the following points to decide for themselves.

Keep reading further is you want to know why an application is the best business for beginners in Dubai.

#1. Helps in beating the local competition

Most of the owners in the business world believe in following the age-old methodologies for running a store. But a lot of them forget the natural instinct of a user to shop online. This is because of the fact that we are moving closer to complete digitalization. This the point when one switches to digital modes of commerce for example a website, PWA, or an application.

They help a bussing entrepreneur by eradicating the local competition and standing out from the crowd. But it is also important to note that standing out in the digital world requires an app with immaculate user experience, excellent features, and perfect navigation.        

#2. Larger audience

The biggest limitation of a physical store is the geographical location. Since the brick and mortar store cannot move from one place to another, customers need to travel to its location in order to make a purchase. To be specific the physical store doesn’t really provide the buyers with the comfort to shop from anywhere. On the other hand, apps can be easily accessed by a user from any random location. All they need is the internet to place an order, which would be delivered at their doorsteps.    

#3. Better revenue funnel

An app allows the customer to shop from any part of the world. So if a business offering world-class services and products to its user base has a global app, then there is no way to stop the popping revenue funnel. The larger the platform, the larger is the number of audiences.      

#4. Can be operated 24*7

For a physical store to run 24*7 requires a couple of extra resources which eventually cost a lot to the owner. But this is not the case with applications. With a one-time investment, the app technology allows the business owner to operate their shop at all times. It is not just the owner who benefits from no time constraint, but users also get the power to make a purchase at any time.    

#5. Provides value to the users and brand

Applications provide value to the brand and its customer base, by lifting off all the constraints which are majorly seen in a brick and mortar store. They provide a variety of options to their customers and offers. There are a lot of loyalty programs that brands can gift their users. With an effective marketing strategy, it is possible to reach the zenith of success.     

#6. Helps to make use of different mobile features

If your businesses need to perform well, it must always go for application development. In offline marketing, there are a lot of limitations which doesn’t let the brand to expand its horizons. Therefore, we must always go to technology. With the help of AI, brands can access the data to influence shoppers. With that, companies can also go for mobile features like GPS, camera to enhance their platform.       

#7. Improves brand identity

An average mobile phone user spends 80% of its time jumping from one app to another. Now with this statistic in your mind, try to imagine the impact of the situation where the user can see your brand’s logo on their home screen. Developing an application is the best way to build your brand’s identity.       


These are the top seven reasons why app development is considered to be the best business for beginners in Dubai. But, it is important for any budding entrepreneur to evaluate and study each and every point before jumping on a conclusion.

The scope that app technology offers us is wide-ranging. Hence, it requires the utmost perfection, which only comes from a talented brood of professionals. If you want to jump on the success bandwagon, then it is highly important to get excellent guidance from professionals who develop applications.

Mobile app development can be merged with a lot of different technologies ranging from Blockchain and the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. For your business to make the most of the wave of digitalization, it is necessary to integrate the same with absolute perfection. And the point to be noted here is, that perfection comes only with professional experts.

Businesses can work wonders if we follow a trending and secure plan. The reality is that technology has a lot in store, but to unleash the potential we need to follow a sure shot solution. So what are you waiting for? Chuck the traditional mentions and jump on the bandwagon with unlimited possibilities.

Don’t forget to let us know about your views on application tech, but until then, stay hooked to this platform for more information about progressive trends.   

Rakesh Bisht
Rakesh Bisht is an Innovative Marketing Professional and Technology Whiz who closely follows the latest mobile application development technologies at Techugo- Top Mobile App Development Company. He explores new technologies, and shares his knowledge through writing.
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