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When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, you may benefit from the assistance of a personal injury attorney. These legal experts understand laws relating to such things as negligence, wrongful death, and duty of care. They can let you know whether you have a case to pursue. These professionals can also ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to so that you’re not left carrying an unnecessary burden. Keep reading to determine when you need a personal injury lawyer and when you may be able to handle circumstances on your own.

Severe Injuries

One of the questions you should consider before hiring a personal injury attorney is how seriously you’ve been hurt. In the event of severe injuries, a consultation is definitely worth your time. That’s because severe injuries are complicated. They could always get worse, leaving you with pain and expenses you hadn’t anticipated. An experienced professional in the field of personal injury can determine whether your injuries might benefit from an advocate so that you can recoup any loss you might incur. It’s worth noting that some serious injuries could even lead to permanent disabilities or impairments. You shouldn’t be stuck with lifelong pain and suffering due to someone else’s mistake.

Insurance Company Impedes Claims

The opposing party’s insurance company isn’t likely to go out of their way to make sure you’re taken care of. In fact, they may act in bad faith to impede or hinder your claims. If you suspect this to be the case, you’ll definitely want a New York personal injury lawyer to work on your behalf so that you’re protected. Insurance companies have been known to drag their feet, fail to thoroughly investigate claims, require unnecessary documentation, and pressure victims to accept unfair settlements. They could even deny a valid claim entirely. A lawyer will see through these tactics and work to defeat them.

Accusations of Fault

If the other party accuses you of being at fault for your injuries, you’ll most certainly want a lawyer to fight on your side. Taking them on yourself is not likely to yield successful results, and you could be left to bear the burdens of someone else’s actions. You’ll want to avoid talking to insurance companies or other representatives before consulting an attorney, as any information you provide could be used against you. A personal injury attorney has the resources to thoroughly investigate your claim and can use their knowledge to refute any false counterclaims.

Value of Claim Unknown

It can be difficult to place a concrete value on losses caused by your injuries. Many complex components are at play in these cases, and an expert in personal injury can help you to sort through them and to come to a fair compensation request. Medical bills and lost wages must be taken into account. Personal care and travel expenses also need to be considered, in addition to a variety of factors unique to your personal situation. Placing a monetary value on such things can be confusing and may seem arbitrary. You don’t want to be accused of inflating your claim, as this could reflect poorly on your case. A personal injury attorney is prepared to itemize and quantify the components of your claim.

Complicated Laws Involved

Your case may involve complex areas of the law or require interaction with governmental agencies. If multiple parties are involved, things can also get quite complicated. Such cases can definitely benefit from professional help from an attorney who is well-versed in personal injury law. Issues that can be particularly difficult to prove or quantify include product malfunction, government fault, commercial vehicle accidents, and negligence. Getting to the heart of the matter may require a great deal of expert testimony, acquisition of security camera footage, obtaining of documents, and other types of tricky red tape. As a layperson, it’s unlikely you would have the know-how or the resources to navigate these types of investigations on your own. You would certainly benefit from expert assistance.

These are merely some examples of the kinds of cases in which you may need a personal injury lawyer. It may be a good idea to obtain a consultation any time you are hurt through no fault of your own. Getting expert help could save you a great deal of money and unnecessary suffering.

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