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What is Business Intelligence? What is its importance?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a carefully driven perfect mixture of analytics, data mining, data tools, data infrastructure, and data visualization. It helps in developing the best practices that help organizations to make data-driven decisions. When you see something in practice where you have a comprehensive view of the data, then you know that BI is involved in the presentation. The usage of BI in data is to eliminate the unnecessary inefficiencies in data, and how an organization quickly adapt to the market trends and supply changes.

  • In the year 1960, traditional business intelligence came into existence. It used to share important and critical data across global organizations.
  • Later in the year 1980, traditional BI was replaced as a computer model to derive information for decision making and turning the database into a necessary insight for organizational growth.
  • The latest modern BI solutions focus on self-service reliability, governing data on the trusted platforms, empowering the business users, and increasing the speed of receiving the insights using data.

Business Intelligence is instead an umbrella term to develop, share, and store necessary insights from the information gathered using various channels. It helps in all the business activities and optimizing its overall performance.

Over the past few years, BI has evolved, and many processes have become a part of it to develop an actionable insight. The methods that are involved in the BI activities are,

Data mining

  • Massive amount of data is generated using various digital media channels every day.
  • Using this massive database to uncover the trends using machine learning and data mining is what helps in developing actionable insights.


  • Data gathered and analyzed is shared with the stakeholders in the form of reports.
  • It can help in drawing necessary conclusions and make some data-driven decisions.

Descriptive Analytics

  • Data present is analyzed and to find out what has happened.
  • Using this analysis, you can take some data-driven decisions.

Statistical Analysis

  • Using descriptive analytics, and further statistics to understand how and what was the reason behind any development of the trend.

Visualization of the data

  • Charts, graphs, and histograms are used to visualize the present gathered data.
  • Data analysis can quickly turn into a compelling visualization of the data.

Data preparation

  • Data is gathered from multiple sources like mobile applications, web applications, social media channels.
  • Compiling these huge amounts of data, identifying the righteous needs, and preparing it for the data analysis is what we meant by data preparation.

These are the top processes that are involved in the effective working of Business Intelligence. A few other secondary methods include performance metrics & benchmarking, querying, and visual analysis.

BI has the power to showcase the present and historical data in the business context for the companies to take a data-driven decision. Analysts can easily spot the trends and market needs to increase the overall sales and revenue of the company.

A few ways in which Business Intelligence can help organizations to behave smart and take proper decisions are:

  • It helps organizations to determine steps in which they can leverage BI to increase the overall profits.
  • How customers came on your platform, what did they enquire, what queries did they have, and all can help a company to analyze their customer’s behavior.
  • The data generated can be compared with the competitors to get a better insight.
  • BI helps in organizing and optimizing the operational work.
  • As said above, companies can leverage the significance of BI to spot market trends.
  • During the operations, BI helps in discovering the problems and errors.

We will also love to disclose our understanding of the future of Business Intelligence. This understanding will help you to grow wisely in the field of BI.

Future of Business Intelligence

  • BI helps users to get up-to-date information about any innovation happening at any point in time.
  • Businesses can also develop insights using AI, which is a broader strategy of BI.
  • As time goes, more companies will try and adopt BI as a preferred technology to drive data-driven decisions.
  • More and more teams will develop BI solutions like Data Visualization that can help them to work remotely.
  • Diverse industries like health, retail, insurance, and oil manufacturing are adopting BI solutions.
  • BI solutions help organizations to stay in a situation where they can recognize the best marketing trends to generate revenues.

Looking at the current trend, Business Intelligence will be the right solution for any business to grow its profits and generate additional revenues.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who blog about Business Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Digital Currencies, and Educational topics.
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