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What are the Primary Steps to Take When Your Cat’s Eye is Infected?

Pathogens, such as fungi and bacteria, can infect all organisms, and cats are no exception. Infections are fairly common amongst cats, so you should prepare for the inevitable. However, there are certain common eye infection symptoms that you should look out for.

It’s critical that you take your cat to the vet as soon as you notice these red flags, as failure to treat the problem in time may lead to permanent damage, blindness and other problems that will impact your cat’s quality of life.

For example, pus around the eyes and nose, inflammation, “eye boogers”, sneezing and redness around the eyes are telltale signs that something is wrong. Here, our focus will be on the primary steps that you should take in order to treat your cat’s eye infection.

Symptoms of Cat Eye Infections

First, you need to be able to tell the difference between normal cat eyes and infected cat eyes. There should be no puffiness or swelling around the eyes of your cat. Instead, a healthy cat’s eyes should be both bright and clear. 

The cat’s pupils should be the same size, and there should be no signs of cloudiness, bulging, or eye enlargement either. If you notice any of these symptoms, then make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Basic Steps to Cure a Cat Eye Infection

You will first need to clean the discharge from your cat’s eyes. If you notice a discharge or runny eyes then you need to carefully dampen a piece of cotton wool in order to remove all of the gunk from its eyes.

You can clean the eye discharge as many times as you wish. For example, if the infection is rather heavy then you may want to clean your cat’s eyes once every hour or so until the discharge of waste stops. 

Next, you will need to pat the eyes very gently in order to properly dry them. Eventually, the cotton wool you’re using will become completely soiled. When this happens, throw it away safely and take out a fresh piece. 

You should use a separate piece of cotton wool in order to clean the discharge from each eye. You should also keep your cat’s eyes clear of irritants. While you are playing with your cat you should look out for long hairs.

The long hairs should be trimmed away from their eyes. Your cat’s face should also be kept clean as often as you can in order to reduce the risk of irritants harming your cat. Moreover, if you enjoy using aerosols every now and then, make sure you keep them away from your cat. This is because cats’ eyes are very sensitive to airborne substances and particles. 

In fact, your cat may begin to weep due to the corrosive substances, which can cause them great pain and distress.

You also need to take extra care of their eyes. In fact, the discharge that is produced can be so abundant that it may cause the eyelids of the cat to be completely shut. A serious eye infection may completely hinder your cat’s ability to see.

You need to clean your cat’s eyes as soon as you notice there’s a problem. If left untreated, the infection may actually accumulate behind the cat’s eyelids, causing either temporary or permanent blindness. 

If your cat’s eyelids are gummed shut you can take care of the problem by using some cotton wool. Boil some water and then allow it to cool. Then, soak a clean piece of cotton wool in the sterilized and cool water.

You will then need to wipe the piece of dampened cotton wool over your cat’s eye. Be gentle so as to not hurt or scare your cat. You will need to begin by wiping from the inside corner outwards. 

At the same time, you will need to use the thumb and finger of your other hand to apply a small amount of pressure to the lower and upper eyelids in order to pry your cat’s eyelids open.

When to contact a veterinarian?

Cat-eye infections can be caused by lots of different reasons and may result in discomfort, intense pain and eye discharge. If the infection persists for more than a day then we would recommend that you take your cat to your vet as soon as possible. 

Most eye infections are caused by viruses or bacteria. The good news with viral infections is that they are self-limiting, meaning your cat will be able to defeat the virus using its immune system.

As for bacterial infections, your vet may prescribe eye drops that contain antibiotics. Or, your vet may prescribe a topical eye ointment instead.

As can be seen, a cat eye infection can be quite serious. If you suspect that your cat is ill then you should not leave things to chance.

Protect Your Cat

Most eye infections are easily treatable via medications that are prescribed by a vet. However, if you allow the infection to develop, then your cat may become permanently blinded. Your cat may also experience indescribable anguish and agony as a result of a severe infection.

One way to help prevent certain infections is to take your cat to the vet in order to ensure that its vaccinations are up to date. Some vaccines can prevent certain eye infections in cats.

For example, chlamydia and cat flu both cause eye infections. Vaccinations against cat flu and chlamydia can prevent eye infections in cats. 

Furthermore, if your cat has sticky eyes then you should vigorously wash your hands after handling your cat in order to reduce the risk of spreading the infection.

We hope that the tips we have provided will keep your cat safe and happy.

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