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Here are the 7 Wedding Invitation Trends You Need to Know

Your wedding invitation gives your guests the first official peek into your nuptials. Invitations occur throughout the process of planning a wedding. Your wedding card is a significant part of the wedding stationery, telling you precisely about the date and venue of your wedding ceremony. Also, it could indicate your wedding theme as well as your daily temperament, thus adding a much-needed personal touch to the invitation.

You can get creative, using custom artwork, monograms, a range of innovative colours, paper substitutes like wood or a humorous script to make guests super excited about being a part of your one-of-a-kind celebration. Won’t you like your big day to stand out and make precious memories for all those invited?

While adapting to wedding invitation trends for your wedding card, make sure you know of new trends popping up as well as those few old ones lingering on.

Here are the seven wedding invitation trends you need to know:


With no signs of going away soon, the acrylic trend of wedding invitations is underlying yet exciting, refreshing but straightforward, sure to get folks talking. Acrylic material, which is bright, chic, and trendy, is elementary to personalize with painted florals or varied colours about the text that is also known as a pattern.

With this clear and transparent material, you can place your message as well as pictures anywhere within the invitation card. The acrylic trend of wedding invitations helps you overdeliver, appealing remarkably to friends and family.


Substantially similar to tracing paper, vellum is a smooth, soft and transparent paper often used for invitation inserts. Vellum suits any style or budget, making it easy to enhance your wedding invitation cards with texture visually. It goes stylishly well with nearly every kind of embellishment, including metallic ink, bohemian greenery, and classic wax stamps.

How about a rustic and graceful wedding invitation enclosed in vellum with printed greenery and secured with an antique gold wax seal? Beautify it further with a mix of modern and vintage writing, and rough, hand-made-like borders for a perfect style statement.

Bringing a contemporary yet soft feel to your wedding invitations, vellum is sure to give them an elegant appearance. Use this one-of-a-kind accessory to make your invitees feel special, adding a sweet note for them. How about also including a picture of you and your would-be spouse?

Laser Cut

Whether plain or ornate, a laser-cut wedding card will certainly wow your guests with forms achieved exclusively through this process. While one can’t help but marvel at the artistry and preciseness of such impressive designs, your specially crafted card can make the perfect chiming sound when your wedding bells are ringing.

The process of laser cutting itself is unusually cool since a real laser beam cuts the material, making the smallest possible cuts required to create some incredible designs, uniquely customized.

So, the laser-cut trend gives a uniquely creative feel to wedding invites. For custom laser-cut designs, you have a variety of options, including paper and wood.

Marbled Paper

This reasonably old, abstract pattern of wedding stationery isn’t showing any signs of stopping this year. The marble trend is, however, leaving behind its classic look, i.e. grey-and white-coloured swirls resembling real stone and donning a brighter, tie-dye inspired appearance instead.

Extremely versatile, the marbled paper trend is easily customizable, and you can match it even with your wedding colours. So, if you or your would-be are one of those marble obsessed folks, pick your custom colour from the colour wheel and add a gold or silver foil to make your wedding card look even more luxurious and lavish.

Minimalist Designs

Are you keen on a no-fuss, minimal look for your wedding card? Go straight for minimalist designs. Based on your choice of artwork and the way of using it, this wedding invitation trend can create sophisticated, sleek and stylish, or funny cards.

Minimalism designs highlight simple language, contemporary print work, and the utilization of negative space. So, only a small touch results in a considerable effect.

Moreover, the minimalist trend easily adapts to a variety of colours. For an ultra-modern look, pair these designs with an achromatic colour palette. Else, keep it clean, simple yet fresh by coordinating lavender, pink, and burnt sienna.


This trend of decorative handwriting is sure to give your wedding card a classic and lavish appearance. You can choose from a range of themes, for your wedding day – sophistication, relaxed, pub-like ambience, or bohemian.

The best part is that hand-done calligraphy is not a must. Digital calligraphy comes out much faster, also saving on your budget.

You can incorporate digital calligraphy not just on your invitations’ inner plus outer envelopes but anywhere. If you’re keen on using handwritten calligraphy for the critical parts of your invite, reserve it for the duo’s name. Every calligrapher is bound to have a unique, preferred style. So, show the writer your invitation sample to indicate your event’s level of formality.

Alternative Materials

This trend gives you ample scope for implementing remarkably creative ideas. So, trade out paper and amaze your recipients with wedding invitations printed on upcycled cloth, embossed leather, and laser-carved wood.

How about using this trend to complement your wedding theme? For instance, you could print your wedding invites onto linen if you’ve planned a simple farmhouse wedding. Or, if it’s a tropical theme, send out your wedding invites written on palm leaves, further enhancing the mood of your event.


You aren’t still stuck for inspiration, are you? These unique wedding invitation trends will undoubtedly confirm the presence of your guests on your D-day! What’s more, such lovely, heartfelt invites will help you to develop long-lasting connections.

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