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Five Ways to Sell Your Pitch

The secret of a successful sales pitch always lies in how compelling and well-crafted the pitch is. Because your worthy rivals somewhere are also working their fingers to the bone to outperform you in sales, you need to pay meticulous attention to how you pitch for you to gain a competitive advantage. You must employ timely and innovative pitching strategies to stand out. Major aspects which set a pitch apart are conciseness, attention to detail, and relevance. After crafting your top-notch pitch, how does it reach the prospect?

A Point of Note Before you Pitch

Though the mode of pitching is an important factor, it is how you write your pitch that has the final say on its acceptability. So before writing the pitch, make sure you master the secrets of a sales pitch deck.

How to Sell Your Pitch

These are some of the methods you can use to sell your pitch.

Cold Calling

In this approach, you make an unsolicited call to your prospect to find out if your solutions could be of any help to them. When making a cold call, you should be exceedingly courteous and obliging. Start by introducing yourself and your company. Then proceed to concisely make known the kind of solution your company offers. The recipient of the call may tell you whether they need your solutions or not at this point. But if that doesn’t happen, then go ahead and explain that your reason for making the call was to check out if they could need the solutions your company is offering.

Social Media

Social media is now very popular with companies. Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the best for pitching as it is specifically designed for companies and job seekers. As of 2021, 55 million companies have an active and strong LinkedIn presence. Social media is often the first place where companies post their tenders because of its logistical and financial feasibility. There are two approaches you may use if social selling is your choice.

Outreach: In this approach, you find out whoever the solutions you are offering can be helpful to and you reach out to them.

Content Approach: In the content approach, you create comprehensive content on social media elaborating on what kinds of solutions you are offering and who they are best suited for. You then wait for the prospects to reach out to you. Most individuals and companies prefer to search for the best solution providers before advertising the problem. It is therefore imperative to adapt to this. To outrank your competitors in LinkedIn search, it is a tremendously judicious idea to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Achieving this requires the use of specific keywords which your prospect will be searching for.

Trade Fair and Exhibitions

These events always attract diverse buyers from all walks of life. The events are meticulously designed to enable companies to showcase their products and services to prospects. Such events are ideal for presenting a sales pitch deck. The advantage of trade fairs and exhibitions is that they often attract foreigners. When you get a foreign buyer, it is almost guaranteed that they will be long-term customers.

Email Outreach

Email is one of the most utilized formal modes of communication. Email outreach is ideal when the need for your solution has been advertised or you are certain that the prospect is always in need of it the way greeting card companies are always in need of new ideas. The composition of the email should just be the same as that of a cold call, the only difference is that there is no real-time feedback with emails.

Elevator Pitch

This is the approach you use during social networking events. It takes a short time, typically equal to the time you spend with someone on an elevator, hence the name. It involves meeting the prospect and sharing your idea with them. For example, you may use it to promote your baby clothing business during a baby shower or gender reveal events.

Pitching should be a Running Process and not an Event

No matter how appealing and well-crafted your pitch is, there is no guarantee that it will be accepted. Your competitors are just as determined as you are to get that client you are eyeing. To increase the odds of your pitch getting picked, you should always be pitching. Pitch even before getting feedback on your previous pitch.

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