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9 Top Summer Fashion Trends

It’s summer again. And the fashion trends that are unique with the season are already obvious. From big plus sized puff sleeves to knee-covering Bermuda shorts and bucket hats to top it off, there is no shortage of interesting styles to experiment with this summer. Brought to you by, this article contains some common fashion trends for this summer, and how to wear them.

Fashion Trends for This Summer

Most of these styles are old. Only that designers have redesigned some of them to give them a fresh look. And some others, such as the bucket hats, are just perfect the way they are. 

Puff Sleeves

Dating back to the 19th century, puff sleeves have always been the thing for the chics. It died down for a while, but it has seen a revival in recent times and more people are rocking it. When you sport puff sleeves, the size of the sleeves gives the illusion of a smaller waist, making you look more feminine. And now, the style is not just limited to dresses. Sweaters, square-neck tops, and just about anything with sleeves now have puffs. Also, it’s being worn more boldly and bigger this summer. So don’t be scared to experiment with different puff sizes.

Colorful leather

Leather, as you might expect, makes the list. It does not belong to the chill of winter alone. Designers have absorbed it into summer and even spring designs. But not just in the usual black color. Designers are getting bolder with the supple material and experimenting with different colors and styles. Now we have all shades of leather jackets, maxi faux coats and dresses, and even matching tops and skirts. Recently, one of the most striking has been the metallic leathers — different shades of silver. 

Bermuda Shorts

These aren’t your normal shorts that fall above your knees. Bermuda shorts cover your knees and sometimes fall a little below them. And they have been in-vogue summer fashion trends for a while now.


There’s hardly a better way to keep yourself cool during the sweltering heat of the summer than wearing the light linen pieces. While this piece has always been a summer regular, designers seem to be getting more creative with it this summer with many interesting variations. Now, there are linen versions of everything, including linen shirts, dresses, shorts, and swim tops.


Drawstrings have also enjoyed the newfound popularity of the summer fashion trends. Only that we now have them on shorts, jacket waists, gowns, and just about anywhere else where drawstrings could fit into, including the hem of your sleeves. Drawstrings bring the fun part out of your outfit, giving it a cute look.


Self-made tie-dye clothes are the trend now. Many people had a lot of time to kill during the pandemic lockdown, and tie-dye clothes are the results. Anything from dresses, socks, and even tops have all been tie-dyed. More people looked up how to make tie-dye on the internet during that time, and they are stepping out in these colorful wears. 

Giant bags

There was a time when tiny purses were the trend. It’s different for this summer, as gigantic bags have taken over from where the small bags stopped. Don’t be surprised to see beautiful and gigantic tote bags folded under the arms. 

Bucket Hats

Do bucket hats even have a season when they go out of style? Never. These versatile hats exist in various styles and patterns, making them a perfect fit for a wide variety of outfits. You could already guess that your bucket hat already fits your outfit before even trying it on, and you would be right. And just like many of the past summers, bucket hats are a part of the fashion trend for this summer.

Sweat Shorts

If you love your sweatpants but can’t wear it because of the summer heat, don’t stress it. Sweat shorts are there to save the day. You can sport your sweat shorts on weekend errands or chill out with your friends in it on a cool evening. The comfort it offers and the freedom of stretching your legs in it also make it perfect for gym sessions. 


Feel free to use these summer fashion trends as inspiration for your outfits. Be creative.

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