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5 Tools You Need to Start a Home Renovation

Home renovation can seem overwhelming at first glance, but these five tools will help make it easier. By making sure you have all the items before starting, you won’t run into unexpected problems, which could cause delays and other issues with your project. Don’t wait until it’s too late; make sure you buy these tools as soon as possible:

A Tape Measure

An excellent reliable measuring tool that will last for a long time is an absolute must-have. Please make sure you get one with markings on both sides and be sure to test it by pulling the tape out entirely from its case. It should read accurately at least twice before you buy it, or else return it. Be careful not to bend your tape while using, as this can skew its measurements.

Threaded Rod

Having the right tools for your home renovation is essential, but having the correct materials is just as critical. Threaded rod or plumbing tape ensures that your plumbing fixtures remain leak-free and keep them secure in place. Thus, no need to worry about floods or other water-related disasters caused by faulty pipes. It can be used on PVC and metal pipes to avoid problems while installing or repairing a fixture like a faucet or a toilet. Also, it is an important tool because it aids in protecting your rubber plumbing lines from corrosion and damage.

Nail Gun and Nails

You can quickly and easily add support to your home renovation projects, such as installing drywall or building an outdoor deck with a nail gun. You will need nails in different sizes for the best results when working with wood of various thicknesses. You should hire this tool if you aren’t sure how often it will be used. Why? Because doing so might save you money over buying this power tool yourself.


As previously mentioned, using nails of the right size and type ensures the most secure hold possible during construction. Different types include brads (used for light trim), common nails, finish nails (for finer work), roofing nails (used for shingles), and framing nails (for rough construction).

Drill and Bits

With a drill, you can easily make holes in any material quickly and efficiently. It is essential if you are planning on doing home renovations yourself.

Drill Bits

It would help if you had bits to get the job done with your drill. They come in all different sizes for various materials. Thus, be sure to get one that matches what you are working with or choose the size closest to it, which might mean having over one bit. For example, if you have drywall and wood siding where you want to hang new lighting fixtures, these two types of bits would be necessary: spade and paddle. Drill sets include both common and specialty bits. Hence, consider buying them together when possible, as this will save money by purchasing them separately.


A hammer is a must-have for both home renovation and construction projects. It can drive or remove nails depending on the type of head it has (claw versus ball). There are different hammers, so take some time to find one that suits your needs best. -this will ensure you get the most out of this tool.

Types of Hammers

Mallets: While they look similar to sledgehammers, they have small heads, making them better suited for lighter jobs. They require little force behind each swing but still provide enough power for driving tacks into the wood without damaging surfaces.

Claw Hammer: This common household favorite has plenty of impact with its claw-shaped head holding nails in place.

Ball Pein Hammer: This hammer is suited for precision work, allowing you to remove tacks and set them, causing no damage precisely. It has a round head with one pointed end, which can be used as an anvil or striking surface.

Sledgehammer: These are the big guys of hammers! They have large flat heads attached to long handles. Thus, making them perfect for driving stakes into surfaces like ground, concrete, or exterior walls.

Final Thought

It would help if you used many other tools to make your home renovation projects as smoothly as possible. Some highly recommended from experienced contractors include: circular saw, reciprocating saw, belt sander, table saw, and router. Start planning your next project today with these helpful references.

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