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25 Tips for Shopify Business Owners: How To Quickly Grow Your Online Store


It’s a fact Shopify can be your doorway to the huge online market. But, what if you observe less sales? Given the huge buyer’s traffic active online, less sales only means you are missing on certain crucial factors necessary to mint this market. From setting up your shopify shop to listing items and marketing, you need to base strategies and operations on facts. This article brings to you 25 tips that can grow your online Shopify shop business instantly. Read ahead and improvise as applicable to notice the growth you always aimed for on Shopify.

Shopify has quickly established itself as a widely used ecommerce platform. It caters to the huge online shoppers with an equally big retailer network. Though every merchant wants to mint this platform, if you start unprepared, it is quite possible to lead to a dead end. For the sellers who are waiting for their Shopify business to pace-up, the 25 tips of this article can do the trick. 

How To Grow Your Store Quickly on Shopify

Here are 25 tips that you can follow to see quick growth in your Shopify store’s traffic, leads and conversion. To help you understand better, it has been divided into 3 sections, namely: the store setup tasks, the store branding tasks and the store marketing tasks.

It’s quite possible that you might already follow some, skipping those and working on the rest will set the ball rolling. Get into action:

The Store Setup Tips

Reading this article means you have launched a Shopify store, but you aren’t happy with the leads and conversions. In case you are perplexed about a store on Shopify,  you should know its benefits.

There are certain things that you need to follow in the store set up, to get more traffic to it. To find growth for your shop the relevant buyer’s traffic should be molded towards it. The tips you need to follow are:

  • Work on the Keyword

Although it’s not some unique suggestion, it’s importance makes it necessary to count. Research on relevant keywords for your online store.

Optimize your online store as per the search engine. Place keywords in high-value spots like – title, meta descriptions and headings. Remember not to overstuff your page with keywords. Focus on long-tail keywords, it helps you deal with the competition and caters to more specific searches. Eg – ‘blue floral print women shirts’

  • Link relevant blogs

Writing blogs about your products, their usage, styles, etc, will bring you sure leads. You can use store linking and email subscriptions to get these leads into action.

  • Improve UX 

A unique and satisfying user experience can set your store ahead of the competitors. Loading speed, mobile friendly descriptions and easy navigation are few important elements that impart users a fulfilling experience. The users should feel facilitated while surfing your Shopify store. You can take help from any expert shopify web development company or free online tools to audit the user experience.

  • Crisp descriptions

The product description of your Shopify store should be focussed and to the point. It should answer all relevant questions in a buyer’s mind. Remember to describe every key feature of your product. 

  • Use visual elements and 3D images

Customers like to feel the products through graphics and images while buying online. As a seller the goal should be to make the visual elements as realistic as possible. Good visual presentation of the product instills trust among buyers.

Use 3D images, advanced graphics and high quality descriptive images to showcase the product. Product usage videos are popular among consumers, try to add one. Apart from this, infographics can be used to assist users understand the product better.

  • Let your content do the talking

Original content is appreciated by users. Strategize your content and put in relevant CTA buttons. Experimenting and testing different ‘Call-to-Action’ button styles can motivate users to engage with you. Be innovative, utilize user generated content to inspire consumers and build trust.

Good content also impacts SEO, and helps increase your search rankings. Finally, the formula for a great engaging content can be detailed, descriptive, innovative and original. 

  • Test and audit your store

Regular audits and testing is important to keep your Shopify store or website running successfully. Test different elements of the website like:

  • Headings
  • Photos
  • Forms
  • CTAs
  • Cart
  • Payment gateways

Audit your store’s SEO at regular intervals and observe if you need change of keywords or to add new ones.

The Store Branding Tips

Creating a brand vision and sketching a brand image out of it is crucial for online retailers. A lot of factors play key roles in establishing your brand image. How users feel for your brand drives their shopping decisions. Brand image establishing is also important to retain customers and create a loyal client-base.

If you have not worked on the brand-buildup, but you aim to grow a serious business on Shopify, start now. Branding is a department where new innovative ideas may do wonders. Here are few tips based on the facts that affect your brand :

  • Build a crisp about us page

Describing your brand and vision is crucial. Also tell consumers your goals and what you aspire for through the estore. Be specific, focussed and write a crisp introduction to your brand. It would be best if you can form a connection with consumers through your journey to the online store.

  • Tell your peers about your store

Charity begins at home, so does branding. Tell your family, friends and peers about your shop. Ask them for feedback and request them to spread the word.

  • Use Instagram to your advantage

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Create a brand page on it. Its vast user base can be leveraged to establish your brand, more so if your target audience is in the age group of 20 to 35. 

Post regularly about your products, customer’s reviews, usage videos, etc. 

Post engaging content about your brand. Keep your target consumers in mind and post things that they would like to see.

  • Tie-up with influencers

Influencer marketing is a quick way to win people’s trust for your brand. Find relevant influencers that have a following in the target regions and whose audience matches your consumers.

For instance partnering with a fitness influencer won’t help if you deal in fashion products. Secondly, do check the influencer’s engagement rate before you tie-up.

  • Tie-up bloggers

Again blogs are a pretty good medium to build brand image. They can help mold traffic to your Shopify stores. Collaborate with relevant product review bloggers. 

Search online to find bloggers that review similar products like yours. Once you find a blogger, send mail requesting to review your product. Based on their terms and your comfort form a tie-up.

  • Launch a Youtube channel

Consumers appreciate videos reviewing products, comparing them and usage tutorials. Start a youtube channel and link it to your Shopify store. You can also provide a CTA button at the end of the channel. This will get you leads and give room for conversion with consumer data.

  • Brand it on Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok has earned a big user base for itself, especially in America. You can post videos of your friends using products. Be creative with the video scripting. Tricks include – posting content at regular intervals, using hashtags and giving your Shopify store’s link in description.

  • Offline-branding

Printing flyers and distributing occasional product samples can inspire customers to visit your Shopify store. While doing so, you just need to specify your store’s link or QR code. This specifically works well if you target regional locations where your customers hangout.

  • A/B Test

It’s a method to check which methods and designs work best in bringing traffic to your Shopify store. You can use this to test all the methods discussed here. 

The best part is you can test the designs, like two styles of color palettes can be tested to see which one is generating better consumer response.

The Store Marketing Tips

Marketing your Shopify store is crucial for growth. You need to strategize marketing initiatives to generate leads and increase conversions. After the strategy comes the organized implementation part.

Here are some tips for Shopify business owners to quickly grow their online store.

  • Initiate email marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing, emailers have been the most efficient. They provide maximum ROI on minimum investment.

You can plan email campaigns as per the required goal. Like, to engage new potential customers create a welcome email campaign. Run customer loyalty mails to retain buyers. You can let buyers know about products, discounts, customer reviews, current sales, etc,.

  • Use lead magnets

They are methods to offer something to consumers in return for their contact information or site visit. You can offer consumers special discount codes, ebooks, free demo, any freebie, etc,. 

  • Offers and discounts

Innovative schemes to engage consumers and intriguing them to buy from you can bring a lot of conversions. 

Shopify facilitates vendors with ‘Buy now Pay later’ schemes. Retailers can use this to convert leads. Apart from this seasonal sales, stock clearance sales are known to get conversion for Shopify retailers. You can also offer ‘free shipping’.

  • Target demography & interest

It begins with dividing your traffic into different segments. Identify your buyers as per their niche, location, gender, interest, etc,. Create ads to target these specific sections. 

  • Target lookalike audience

This marketing is based on finding similar consumers as your buyers. A customer with similar characteristics is more likely to buy from you than others. This can help you create specific ad campaigns that initiate responses from similar consumers available online.

  • Google Ads

Shopify buyers can utilize the platform’s interface to easily run Google ads. Plan your ads as per the keyword research and use the response to get conversions.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords, then design campaigns based on these keywords.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Invest in Meta’s paid advertising to generate leads. Create Facebook Ads as per the target audience and their preferences. Use attractive images or videos along with catchy copy to create the perfect ad for your Shopify store. Creating retargeting campaigns and funnels gives very good returns on Facebook.

  • Twitter Ads

This is a great platform for engaging with your potential consumers and marketing your brand. Use Twitter advanced search features to research keywords. Make posts using these keywords, with insightful information and catchy product images. You can use twitter ads to find your target audience and bring them to your Shopify store.

  • Reduce cart abandonment 

This is a huge challenge for online retailers. To deal with this you can use retargeting ads, exit-intent pop-ups and emailers. Engage with people who have dropped-out midway, asking their feedback and ways to serve better.

Pop-ups that instigate buyers to finish shopping and request for reviews, even scare them on losing the product/discount/sale. 

To Conclude

There is a large consumer base present online. But, at the same time the online consumer is empowered with information. Moreover, the competition is tough too. Many retailers outsource operations to professional Shopify development services to manage online shops better.

As a retailer one needs to be on toes, be organized, keep improvising and learn from the tricks of market gurus. Applying these 25 tips will definitely bring instant rise in your store’s response.

Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith is a Senior eCommerce website developer by profession at TechnoScore, a leading web and app development company with a global reach. He has sound knowledge of all the latest technologies and trends imperative for delivering cutting-edge mobile applications that stand out.
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