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Visit 6 Stunning Places for a Good Cause

The year 2020 has brought about many changes in our lives. For starters, it has warned us not to continue taking nature for granted as we have been doing in the past years. Due to coronavirus lockdown, we have been obliged to stay alone with our thoughts and we’ve had plenty of time to think about the things we do in our lives, both right and wrong. So, we could say that it was a sort of revelation for humanity. This dreadful virus has taught us to stop for a moment and think about how we behave towards nature. Hence, in order to redeem ourselves, some ideas about helping nature come to our mind. One way we can start repaying our debts to nature is by doing some good deeds, such as travelling for a good cause. If you’re interested in visiting some stunning places and volunteering, take a look at top adventure trips for a good cause.

Marketing and promotion volunteering program in Vietnam

When we speak about the best volunteer abroad programs 2020, a lot of options come to mind. There is an adventure waiting for every type of person. You can use these programs as a great opportunity to travel, to do something you like and along the way to help a community, nature, people, children and animals. This particular marketing and promotion volunteering program is based in Vietnam. If you decide to apply for it, you’ll be working with NGO professionals and gain knowledge in the popular fields of marketing and promotion. You’ll be expected to use your writing and social media skills and at the same time, you’ll learn about economic, environmental, and social issues in the developing world. Additionally, if you’re interested in graphic design or web development, NGOs will surely appreciate your fresh new ideas as well as energy. The program lasts up to 6 months.

Coach sports in Bolivia

If you’re a sports enthusiast and you like children, a place like Bolivia needs you. With this program, you have the opportunity to travel to Bolivia, get familiar with its beauties and help impoverished children play sports and develop their physical skills. Schools in Bolivia’s largest city – Santa Cruz de la Sierra need people who will help out with the sports curriculum. Moreover, you have the chance to offer coaching assistance in sports such as judo, football, volleyball, or basketball, held at a local sports centre.

Help elephants in Thailand

When doing some volunteer work, it doesn’t only mean helping people, children and communities in need. It also means helping endangered animals. If you wish to volunteer overseas and help animals, Thailand is the place for you. This program is based in Surin and if you decide to join it, you’ll be taking care of abused or neglected elephants. Your task will be to create a safe environment for these poor animals and enable them to live full, peaceful lives in their natural habitats. Even though these animals are enormous and they look tough, they are gentle creatures that are commonly used as tourist attractions in the entertainment business.

Teach English abroad in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru

Teaching as well as learning English nowadays has become a necessity. However, many people around the world don’t have the opportunity to learn it. If you wish to obtain a TEFL certificate, and you love working with children and people generally, then this an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. The program starts with a four-week intensive accredited course in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. After you obtained the certificate, you’ll be ready to start searching for a paid job anywhere abroad. Some volunteering organizations even hire some of the graduates to work in their Native English Camp in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Depending on your skills and interests, you can teach business English, privately, in a school, and much more.

Provide medical help in Ghana

A perfect volunteering opportunity for people who want to gain medical knowledge and learn directly from doctors in hospitals and clinics. Your task will include observing how they work and make different diagnoses and treat various illnesses and diseases. It is a great way to improve your practical medical knowledge. It is mostly suitable for pre-med and med students. Ghana is in special need of medical staff as the healthcare services are limited in some parts. By being a volunteer, you will help in providing basic medical treatments, such as cleaning and bandaging wounds as well as measuring blood pressure levels.

Help save the Amazon rainforest in Peru

Another amazing volunteering experience includes helping save the Amazon rainforest in Peru. If you opt for this program, you can expect to have accommodation in the middle of the rainforest and work alongside experienced conservationists to protect wildlife and indigenous plants. This means being on the frontlines of rainforest conservation at Taricaya – a widely known ecological reserve. You’ll help save some animal species such as the spider monkey, you’ll help in reforestation, collecting scientific data on local animal populations, and working on a sustainable farming initiative.

There are so many ways we can help nature, these are just some of the alternatives. If you choose to help by doing something you enjoy in, you’ll be able to help and have a great time yourself along the way. And that is the point of volunteering.

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