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Role of Lathe, Rolling, Hammer & Power Press Machines in Small Scale Industries

Small scale industries play a significant role in the Indian economy because of their employment potential and their contribution to total industrial exports and production. Small-scale industries (SSI) are an industrial enterprise in which investment are considered as fixed assets by the term of ownership or lease on plant and machinery.

Role of Lathe Machine

Lathe is a simple tool designed to hold an object that is carved, shaped or cut. This is called a work piece. Unlike the usual vise, it rotates and holds work piece too. This allows another machine’s part, the head, to move along with the work piece, remove the material, and shape the work piece with different bits or cutting tools.

Small Scale Uses of Lathe-

Lathes are too big on an industrial scale, but most of the lathes are usually too small. The main enticement of many small machine shops and tool & color companies is the metal lathe appraised by lathe machine manufacturers & exporter. Beyond the machine shop, many other artisans are desperately in need of lathe craftsperson. You can use the lathe to manufacture parts for an old car.

An expert craftsman can turn metals into a lamp stand, cup or chess piece. There are a wide variety of potential applications and the ability to cut freely the cutting and carving steps means that each piece still has a unique touch of the craftsman.

A metal lathe is not limited to specific metals or alloys or metals. It is easy to work with certain metals, but ideally any metal can be turned on a lathe.

On the industrial side, lathes produce innumerable number of parts: metal piece for cars, a driveshaft, legs for tables and so on.

Today’s industrial lathes have fully automatic and can hold multi-bits with heads. This means that the same lathe can do many processes – modifying metal parts, rough bits for grinding material and even bits for polishing and sanding. Using CNC technology, a trained operator can bring a single work piece from the raw materials by lathe to the final product at all once the program is commenced without human involvement. Some individuals can oversee the entire production phase with CNC lathes.

Role of Rolling Machine

Symmetrical –

The construction type of the machine is a three-roller symmetrical type. The upper roller is lifted vertically and moved to the center of symmetry between the two lower rollers. Seamless hollow tubes, rods are made by rolling. Rolling is used to produce cross section of gigantic section and to cut gears on gear bank.

Asymmetrical –

Mechanical three-roller asymmetric type bending machine consists of  machine structure type three-roll asymmetric type, upper roller main drive, lower roller vertical lifting motion, lower roller gear with main roller. The edge roller makes tilting motion and has pre-bending and rolling functions stated by Rolling Sheet manufacturers & supplier. Bolts, threaded parts and screws are the mass production by the rolling machine. Several parts are processed by the rolling process in automotive industries. Plates, turbines rings, steel sheets are the rolling products.

Hydraulic –

The hydraulic rolling machine is suitable for bending metal sheet in small scale industries, has a fixed range of round, arc and angular work pieces. The plate has a pre-bending function, can be used for both low rollers for starting roller and horizontal. The horizontal follow roller is the upper roller, and the drive shafts are connected by universal coupling.

Role of Hammer

Claw Hammer –

Claw hammers are the most ordinary type of hammer. The head is even for polished finishing work. Claw hammers are best for:

  • Prying
  • Wood working
  • Finishing

Drywall Hammer –

These types of hammers are flimsy hammers with a rounded head on one end. Drywall hammers are optimum for:

  • Hanging drywall
  • Plaster
  • Drywall demolition

Roofing Hammer –

Also called a slate or shingle hammer, these types of hammers are prearranged for working with slate shingles while ceiling. Roofing hammers are inimitable for:

  • Roofing
  • Shingling

Welder’s Hammer –

It is made of a barrel spring, which is fabricated to interrupt the heat flow through the handle. Welder’s hammers are perfect for:

  • Welding
  • Chipping
  • Removing slag

Brick Hammer –

Brick hammers are used in all sorts of masonry work. Brick hammers are prominent for:

  • Bricklaying
  • General masonry
  • Demolition of hard materials

Framing Hammer –

Also called a Rip Hammer, a framing hammer is an altered type of claw hammer. It has a longer handle, is usually weighty commented by Hammer Machine manufacturers. Framing hammers are terrific for:

  • Framing
  • Small Demolition
  • Splitting

Tack Hammer –

Tack hammers are tiny type, insubstantial hammers. These types of hammers are manufactured for driving small, delicate nails. Tack hammers are choicest for:

  • Upholstery
  • Setting tacks
  • Precision, lightweight hammering

Rubber Mallet –

A mallet which is generally used for driving chisels and is a block on a handle. Rubber Mallets are best for:

  • Shaping metal
  • Plasterboard
  • Fitting wooden parts

Sledgehammer –

They are a sizeable hammer with mallet-like head and metal immensely used by Top Industrial machines manufacturers.

Sledgehammers are great for:

  • Breaking stone
  • Demolition
  • Driving stakes

Drilling Hammer –

Drilling hammers are prominent for:

  • Driving stakes
  • Chiseling
  • Demolition

Dead Blow Hammer –

These are a type of mallet designed to strike surfaces with great force. Dead Blow hammers are suitable for:

  • Automotive
  • Dent removal
  • Setting joints

Role of Power Press Machine

A power press machine is used to cut, join, shape and press any sheet of metal into the desired shape. It is a multi-purpose machine used to shape metal sheet to obtain the shape of parts to be used in the electrical, automotive industry and electronic equipment opined by Heavy Duty Power Presses manufacturer, supplier, and exporter.

The power press machine works on the principle of modifying the metal sheet by applying the required force. The main components are the bed, ram, clutch, flywheel and crankshaft.

Uses of Power Press Machine –

  • Power press machine is a multi-purpose machine used in various small industries for cutting, shaping and pressing sheet metal.
  • The power press machine is mainly used in the manufacturing industry to prepare casing for equipment.
  • It is used in all factories and industrial establishments due to its multi-functional feature.
  • Pairs work pieces are designed so that they do not need to be reassembled in the machine.
  • The power press machine supports multiple needs such as press cutting, pressing, cutting and straightening.
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