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Top 5 Reasons Why Corporate Travelers are Choosing Serviced Apartments over Hotels

Serviced apartments are fully equipped accommodation options suited for both short-term and long-term travel, which provide their guests with high-quality features and facilities intended for everyday use. This comfort and convenience made serviced apartments one of the most popular temporary housing choices, especially when it comes to corporate travelers seeking more suitable accommodation solutions. If you want to learn more about this sudden rise in popularity, here are some of the biggest reasons why business travelers are opting for serviced apartments over hotels, which might help you when planning your next trip as well:

Prime locations

Serviced apartments are most commonly located in or quite near the heart of the city, making it the most convenient option for a businessperson with a tight schedule. This can be particularly beneficial in large business hubs, such as New York and London, as it allows corporate travelers to avoid the often hectic traffic in these cities, and reach all necessary destinations on foot instead, in a matter of minutes.

But apart from their close proximity to business areas, these city center locations are also relatively near local tourist attractions, fine dining options, and even shopping malls. This convenience makes for the best corporate travel experience overall, whether you’re starting a business abroad or just visiting for a weekend-long conference.

More affordable cost

The prices of hotels are constantly on the rise, which can be especially true when it comes to top tourist destinations like Paris, where the need to accommodate for a larger number of travelers is growing each year. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, typically offer much more affordable prices per night, with the cost lowering for longer stays in most cases, unlike in hotels.

What’s more, many serviced apartments around the world will offer corporate rates to travelers, allowing them to save more on their stay. As utilities are most often included in the price of these apartments as well, business travelers won’t have to worry about additional costs, such as Wi-Fi, housekeeping, etc, which can be particularly helpful to solo travelers trying to stay within a tighter budget.

Long-term stay benefits

Apart from being a more affordable option for long-term stays than most hotels, a large number of serviced apartments will also include different practical amenities into their offer, which make staying in a faraway destination for a longer period of time a more convenient and comfortable experience.

For instance, you can easily find an elegant service apartment in Hong Kong that not only offers a beautiful and cozy place to spend the night, but also provides beneficial communal amenities, such as a charming lounge, a large kitchen and a practical laundry room. All of these aspects make long-term stays that much simpler and more enjoyable.

Privacy and comfort

While it’s true that most high-end hotels are built with comfort in mind, they can rarely offer that special homely feeling that can often be experienced in serviced apartments. With the amenities and utilities that simply can’t be found in hotels, staying in serviced apartments more closely resembles the average daily life, allowing corporate travelers to effortlessly unwind there after busy working days.

Similarly, serviced apartments will mostly be located in residential areas or buildings dedicated to this type of accommodation, which means that business travelers will usually have a calmer and quieter stay here than they would in an average hotel. This will allow for enough privacy and comfort for necessary relaxation after a hectic day filled with seminars, conferences and business meetings.

Flexible living

Besides the essential travel gadgets any corporate traveler would bring on a business trip, additional amenities are sometimes needed to allow a traveler to feel comfortable, relaxed and right at home. Thankfully, many serviced apartments will offer perks such as free Wi-Fi, smart, big-screen TVs, and handy home appliances, which might help in achieving the ideal work-life balance when traveling for business.

What’s more, as there are no set times for meals as there are in hotels, travelers staying in serviced apartments can choose to either eat out or make their own meals, according to their schedule. This can also contribute to a life that’s more similar to that at home, especially when it comes to long-term stays.

As the needs of corporate travelers have evolved over the years, mostly to cater to longer stays and a better work-life balance, it’s understandable why serviced apartments have become the more popular accommodation option, as they evidently offer everything a business traveler might need on their trip.

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