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Need for the Wide Format Printers: Enhance the Productivity in Your Business

Wide-format printing can print in formats that are bigger than the usual 8.5 by 11 inches dimension. Some types of wide format printers called plotters can print up to 18 by 100 inches in size. Earlier it employed pens for completing printing jobs on vinyl or paper. This technique took a lot of time to complete and was expensive. However, there are now laser and inkjet printer options for wide formats. These types of printers can do the job in no time and reduce printing costs which is obviously good for business.

What are the various types of wide format printers?

There are two major types of printers used for wide formats, print-only and multi-function printers. The print-only type, as the name suggests, can print the file that is sent to the device via Bluetooth or USB cable. Also, buy newer technology wide format printers allows you to connect the mobile phone to the printer using Wi-Fi direct. However, the multi-function printer also has a scanner attached to it. A multi-function printer is more beneficial since it can function as a printer, scanner, or even a copier.

How do wide format printers work?

The wide format printers may be of two types in functioning, flatbed or roll-fed. In the flatbed type, the printer has a table in which the substrate for printing is inserted and moves below the print head array. Conversely, in the roll-fed type, you need to load rolls into the printer. There may also be combination printers, which can be used as both a roll-fed and a flatbed printer. This is done by detaching the table and adding rolls to either side of the printer.

What are the uses of wide format printers?

Wide-format printing plays an important role in the point-of-sale sector. 

For advertising and promotion of businesses, you can use wide format printers to create solutions such as:

  • Banners
  • Wallpapers
  • Murals
  • Blueprints
  • Vehicle wraps with text or images
  • Posters
  • Big tourist maps
  • Backdrops for presentations
  • Graphics for trade shows
  • Backlit films
  • Large-size artworks
  • Graphics for windows or doors

Where is large format printing used?

Wide-format printing can be beneficial to small, medium, or large-scale businesses. Some of the uses are mentioned below:

  1. The most important feature of wide format printing is the customization of the dimension and shape of the prints. Hence, these printers can be an ideal option for the marketing and promotion of a business.
  2. Many businesses face the problem of having to depend on wide format print providers for their marketing needs. 
  3. The solution is to own your large format printer that can fulfil all your wide-scale printing needs and your exact expectations for your marketing tools.
  4. Many businesses reap several benefits of owning a large format printer. This printer can help produce their marketing products exactly the way they want it, without the need for an external print provider. 
  5. Also, the printers offer several benefits in the prints such as high durability and extreme weather resistance. Therefore, companies can create their large size, attractive products to stand out in their promotional efficiency. 
  6. Moreover, businesses owning their production of banners or posters show more effectiveness in the market.

Nevertheless, wide format printing businesses of all scales to showcase their products on eye-catching marketing platforms. Using large-size printing, businesses can allow any complex graphic to come to life and convey their message to a larger audience. The creativity and marketing strategies for wide format printers can be placed on a bigger plate, making businesses stand out from their competitors.

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