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5 Natural Health Habits For Pain Management

For many who struggle with chronic pain, western medical practices are not effective. The risk of addiction is extremely high when using painkillers that contain opiates. Other pain management medications, such as NSAIDs, can be hard on your stomach and your liver. Natural pain management may take longer to put in place, but over the long term, it can be easier on your body.

Massage and Stretching

For those who struggle with chronic spinal pain, a regular routine of massage can lower nerve irritation and fight stress. Additionally, many who have spinal injury, such as pinched nerves, suffer from muscle spasms. Massage and heat are excellent therapies for cramps and muscle spasms.

After a massage, when you’re feeling the most limber, it’s a good idea to gently stretch loosened muscles. Make sure that you’re using proper body mechanics. To stretch your calves and hamstrings, bend from the hips and keep your spine straight. To stretch your low back, make sure your ribcage is lined up squarely over your hips to avoid curving.

Meditation and Guided Imagery

Severe or chronic pain can make it extremely difficult to focus. To start, practice meditating for short bursts of time. Light a candle so you have something to focus on and set a timer for 5 minutes. Watch the candlelight and simply breathe for this brief amount of time as you relax your mind. Tell any worries that come into your mind to go away so you can focus on your breathing.

As you get better at meditation, try guided imagery. Take your mind for a walk on the beach as you listen to recordings of waves and water. Feel the sunlight on your skin and smell the ocean. Getting out of your head is a wonderful way to escape chronic pain without medication.

Hydrotherapy and Swimming

Many who struggle with joint pain and nerve conditions such as fibromyalgia have good luck with swimming and hydrotherapy. Whether you choose to sit in the whirlpool or just relax in the lap pool, taking the weight of your body off of your joints is a wonderful way to reduce joint inflammation.

For fibromyalgia sufferers, pain may be easier to manage without water under pressure. Get in the lap pool and do some simply floating to allow your body to loosen up and relax. A simple backstroke, down and back, may be a good start to warm up your body without putting pressure on the skin.

Eat Simple Foods

Because chronic pain can stem from several sources, give your immune system a break with simple foods. Avoid anything processed or that contains too many chemicals. If possible, eat organic. If that’s out of your budget, focus on fruits and vegetables in season to keep costs low and cut back on your meat intake.

Cooking with dried beans is both cost-effective and close to the ground in terms of chemical exposure. Adding brown rice will increase your fiber and improve your protein intake without increasing your fat intake. Organic eggs are fairly easy to find and aren’t terribly expensive, particularly in relation to organic meats.

CBD – Topicals, Vapes, and Edibles

There are several different methods of CBD use that can reduce your level of chronic pain. For example, you can use a CBD cream on sore joints to lessen the pain of arthritis. Many who struggle to sleep through the night due to pain have good luck with CBD edibles. The time it takes to digest the product means that the benefits will kick in after a couple of hours, allowing you to fall asleep and stay there.

Others find relief through vaping. If you’ve never vaped before, a disposable CBD pen is a good start. Microdosing CBD can help you focus on what you need to do while it reduces your pain. Once you’re ready to start mixing your own flavors, a custom vaping pen with ccell batteries will not only reduce your pain level but limit the risk of oil burn commonly experienced with a cotton wick.

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Chronic pain can be managed, even if you prefer not to use prescription products. As you manage your pain, strive also to manage the pressure that chronic pain creates. Tai chi, yoga, and other gentle practices, on your own or in a group, can help you manage your condition.

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