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Mitigate the risk of Cyber Threat in your Supply Chain

A lot has changed in the trucking and logistics industry in the past few years with the advancement in technologies. The incredible transformations have enabled companies to accumulate and analyze enormous amounts of data.

This is perhaps the reason why trucking and logistics app development has become an indispensable part of the industry. The transport industry ends up losing a large share of potential profits due to downtimes.

Large firms at times lose freight as they cannot offer transportation with sufficient load. All of this can lead to a hike in prices, withdrawal of companies from the industry and thereby a decline in competition.

Mentioned below is the importance of trucking and logistics app development and if it can solve major problems of the industry.

Tracking and Logistics App Development: Why Is It Necessary?

The logistics companies need to establish a constant chain of communication between all the structural units situated in different areas. The trucking and logistics app development for transportation companies has been gaining popularity in recent times. It’s a major tool for:

  • Expanding customer loyalty
  • Reducing the services cost
  • Establishing communication between various departments
  • Optimizing company processes

Areas where Logistics App can be Applied

  • Transport logistics
  • Forwarding
  • Goods monitoring
  • Routing
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Transport management

Benefits Of Trucking And Logistics App Development

The trucking and logistics app development has several benefits to offer. Mentioned below are a few of them:

Improved Customer Service

With effective trucking and logistics app development, you would be able to offer improved services to your valued customers. Customers would be able to track their parcels and hence can be sure of the exact delivery time.

Also, in case the customer won’t be at home at the time of delivery, they can get in touch with the team. They can tell them to leave their parcel at the doorstep or with their neighbors through the app.

Elimination of Middlemen

A logistics app could be the ideal platform for establishing a connection between the carriers and the shippers. This is quite similar to popular apps that help connect service providers with the end users.

With trucking and logistics app development, direct interaction could be facilitated between the truckers and shippers. This would eliminate the need of middlemen and help save a lot of money.

Displays Professionalism

Trucking and logistics app development will help your business appear more professional. It will enable the customers to track their package in real-time, while you will be able to fulfil your promise of delivery on schedule.

No Hidden Costs

With the elimination of middlemen, the transparency would increase by leaps and bounds through logistical processes. Exorbitant commissions and other hidden costs would soon be a long forgotten thing.

The Trucking and logistics app development usually has three different versions including the admin panel, consumer version and the driver version.

Necessary Features for the Admin Panel

GPS system

Google maps have truly been a revolution in the way people use GPS. This feature can be really helpful in tracking, navigating, managing and monitoring the fleet.

The managers will be able to collaborate with drivers and track them while ensuring timely delivery of the parcel.


One place to keep an eye on all activities. The admin would be able to track the status of all orders here.

They would also be able to manage the entire process and stay in touch with customers to solve their problems if any.

Fleet Management

With this feature, managers will be able to help drivers with alternative routes or update them with change in delivery locations.

Efficient trucking and logistics app development facilitates the managers to take prompt action based on real-time information.

Push Notification

Customers need to be updated with real-time data regarding the status of their order. Useful information including driver allotment, their invoice and completion of order can be shared.

M2M Communication

The machine to machine communication feature enables admins to monitor the health of the vehicle from afar. The fleet managers can then be updated about the condition of the vehicle and if it requires maintenance.

Vehicle management

Through this feature of trucking and logistics app development, fleet managers can keep track of the vehicle and the fuel consumption. The fleet will be managed more effectively as transporters can provide vehicle handling aspects.

Necessary features for the Customers

User Registration

The user registration process has to be hassle-free so that customers don’t end up spending hours filling up their details.

Valuable data including the customer’s name, e-mail address and more can be retrieved with this feature.

Payment Gateway

This is a pivotal feature when it comes to trucking and logistics app development. The payment gateway will enable customers to make online payments easily.

As a business, it is your responsibility to provide your customers a simple and safe means of payment.

Track Order

Buyers will be able to keep tabs on their purchases as and when they are sent out for delivery.

Real-time tracking allows the customers to obtain the location of their consignment so the delivery time can be predicted.


Customers will be updated timely about their order bookings, delivery, invoice and the consignment tracking with this feature.

Consumers will get real-time alerts as to when their product has been packed, shipped and when their parcel will reach the destination.

Rating and Feedback

Feedback or ratings from the customers help businesses work on their shortcomings and improve. By paying attention to what the customer wants, your business would grow by leaps and bounds.

The driver-friendly version features driver registration, route tracking, in-app chat and order management.

The transportation business builds their goodwill on the basis of timely delivery supported by real-time data. The trucking and logistics app development can help transport companies achieve their aims and deliver unparalleled service. With such a powerful app, customers will get the information regarding their package. Ultimately, your business will grow and stand out from the competitors.

Nitin Lahoti
Nitin Lahoti is the Co-Founder and Director at Mobisoft Infotech - Logistics and Transportation App Development Solution provider. He has 12+ years of experience in Design, Business Development and Startups. His expertise is in Product Ideation, UX/UI design, Startup consulting and mentoring. He prefers business readings and loves travelling.


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