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Men’s Biker Jackets – A Fashion Forward Solution for your Wardrobe

It is human nature to be trend-oriented, and there is no shame in that we follow different trends for various reasons. Some of the trends that we follow are due to the herd mentality that we develop during the early stages of our lives, and some are because we don’t want to experience the fear of missing out.

We follow different trends as we grow old, but we give the most attention to fashion trends. Fashion trends help us improve our sense of style and feel more comfortable; fashion trends keep changing with time. We see almost every fashion item go in and out of fashion due to different trends, but we don’t see a leather jacket affected by trends.

Leather Jacket, a Hit Fashion Statement

The leather jacket is the most versatile and classy item a man can wear, jackets made from other materials often go out of fashion. Still, a leather jacket is considered a timeless staple because it is always trending. Leather jackets can make you feel many different things, but since they are highly durable, they can give you a sense of toughness and edginess, which is also considered an ideal look for men.

Leather jackets have the power to make anyone look elegant and sophisticated, but if you are trying to achieve a specific look, there are different types of leather jackets that you can try. Some other types of leather jackets are bomber jackets, racer jackets, flight jackets and faux leather jackets, but among so many options, the one that is considered the most iconic is the biker jacket.

The Edgy Version of a Leather Jacket

It is clear from the name that a leather biker jacket is specially designed for motorcyclists; the initial purpose of manufacturing biker jackets was to provide warmth and safety to the riders because these jackets are extremely tough and abrasion-resistant. Bikers love these jackets so much that they started considering them as a part of their uniform, so you too are a biker and want to look the part, then you must get a men’s biker jacket.

Ironically, you don’t necessarily need to own a motorcycle or even a license to pull off a biker jacket; all you need is the right attitude and guts to carry it well. The only reason anyone wears a biker jacket is that they want to kick their charisma up a notch and to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Biker jackets are designed in such a way that they boost your confidence and make everyone look twice.

A Variety of Biker Jackets 

Everyone has seen a biker jacket either in real life or in a movie, but the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the words biker jacket is the image of a coat with oversized lapels and funky pockets. This is the most common type of biker jacket, which Schott invented in 1928; this jacket represents the dawn of modern motorcycle jackets. 

Since this type of biker jacket became common, people started manufacturing biker jackets with a unique touch. We can find different types of bike jackets in the market, each with its separate identity. Some have oversized lapels, short collars, multiple pockets, and some have only one or two.

Biker jackets aren’t only associated with bike gangs and professional motorcyclists; they are entirely different from the usual biker jackets. They are much more flexible and have a cleaner look. These are also called sports biker jackets and are made extremely strong according to the needs of professional motorcyclists.

Things to Consider

Before investing in a biker’s jacket, some of these factors include the price range, the riding style, and the safety range. 

Talking about price range, you can spend very little on a biker jacket, but since these jackets would have a long-term relationship with you, you must think before going for cheaper options. The riding style and the safety range are connected because you can crash if you ride rough or professionally at high speeds. In such cases, the jacket must be extremely tough and provide added safety.

Revamp Your Style with a Bikers Jacket

Like we said earlier that it doesn’t even matter if you own a bike because you can casually wear a biker jacket anywhere. You need a matching pair of jeans and an exciting inner layer; however, the fit of a biker’s jacket matters the most. The right fit can make any outfit look good, so you must understand the three types of fit to pull off a leather jacket in a fascinating way.

The first is the regular or the touring fit, which is designed for the broader build. The second is the slim fit; it is intended to fall gracefully on a thin body. The last one is the race fit which is mainly designed for racers to provide them flexibility and stability on the ride.

Final Note 

Wearing a biker jacket is one of the best ways to add spark to your casual look; however, you must make sure that you don’t overdo it by getting something that is too flashy. An important thing would be first to picture the scenarios in which you’re going to wear a biker jacket and get something that suits your personality and embraces your sense of style.

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