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How Wearable Technology Will Change Our Lives

Wearable technology is a term being used consistently. It ranges from the best smartwatch such as Apple watch to fashionable headbands and necklaces. Regardless of the one you choose, these wearables are having many benefits that help to change our lives every day.

These devices have come from far as they started as simple step counters or fitness trackers. Today, they are a major component in our wardrobes. They are helping us track daily activities and get better customer experience. The tech companies are producing medical alert systems in large quantities because of their benefits. You may have come across one or more like a gift or personal purchases.

Here is How Wearables Tech Changes Our Lives

There are many ways that wearables tech can change our lives. Here are a few ways:

#1. They Help Us To Be More Productive

In the current modern world, there is more pressure and the demand for our time continues to increase. That is especially for business sectors, where the employees have to find ways they can do more with less time.

There are personal assistance devices that help us become more productive. They help to take away the mundane time burning tasks. For example, posting a Facebook message will take you more time as you have to get out your phone, unlock it, launch the Facebook app, post a message, lock it, and put it back. That time spent can be saved with a wearable. For all smartwatches, including an affordable smartwatch, can help you connect your smartphone to them. You will be receiving notifications on your smartwatches.

The time saved each time at the end of the day from mundane activities such as calling, emailing, tweeting and more can result in an hour. You can be productive given that one hour when you’re busy doing other activities. Find best medical alert systems to get latest update.

#2. They Keep Us Healthy

Today, even the health industry has started to invest heavily in the wearables. The patients are receiving potential benefits.

There are various essential health monitoring wearables. Some of them include Vitaliti and Healthpatch MD. These help to track vital health signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and even store the data for review in the future by healthcare professionals.

There are other wearables such as bracelets devices – JUNE and Sunfriend – that help to monitor sunlight exposure. With the many health dangers of exposure to UV light, the wearables give us information on the much sun that is suitable for us. If we become exposed to much sun, the wearables inform use to get indoors or cover ourselves.

#3. They Help To Protect Us

There are wearables that have been discovered such that they focus on keeping us safe. Some of these include smart jewelry, such that if you feel threatened, you can tap the necklace or bracelets. Immediately, it will start to record audio of what is happening and call emergency service or contact numbers.

There are other companies producing other similar products like hair clips. These come equipped with technology that monitors physical signs of assault and will automatically trigger an emergency call to emergency services or contacts.

There are also many health care devices that will not only monitor your blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate, they also monitor other signs such as when you fall. With GPS tracking, they will alert your contacts and give them the location. If families are worried about their senior relatives, it will be easier for them to monitor them after they get out of bed and start moving around the neighborhoods or homes as expected. Therefore, they can receive early warnings if something wrong will happen to them.

#4. They Enable Us to Become Greener

The technology companies are investing in developing wearables that not only power themselves but have the potential of generating power that can charge other devices. For example, Voltaic systems have products that come with solar panels as backups. Although, such kinds of wearables are cumbersome and unsightly. That means that in the future, we should expect to have wearables that can charge our personal devices. With the current technology on wireless energy or inductive charging, that means that they can help us power other devices at work and at home.

#5. They Make Us Superhuman

Wearables have shown many benefits to us, but where the technology really shines is after they help to improve our bodies. A good example was in the 2014 world cup. If you watched during the opening ceremony, there was a paraplegic man who was called Juliano Pinto. He kicked the first ball before the start of the tournament and he was wearing a mind-controlled exoskeleton. With such wearable developments, they really change our lives.

In the market, there are already produced gadgets and help to improve what we do. For example, there are those helping us improve our hearing. The level of hearing assistance that is achievable in digital hearing aids has improved significantly. Moreover, they also help us to focus on what we are hearing. There are also more devices that can help us create a perfect circle or lift heavier weights in a perfect form.

Wearable Technology FAQ

What is wearable technology?

Basically, wearable technology is a term that describes electronics that are worn on our bodies, which are either accessories or part of the material that has been used to make clothing.

Do wearables help improve health?

Many of the wearables can track your physical activity and store the information such that you can check later. It is a great way you can set and track your progress.

Will wearable protect my information?

Many of the wearables have little or no security measures of your data. Most of the data has been unencrypted as most of them use Bluetooth or WiFi connection when they want to transmit data. That means you’re prone to cybercrimes pretty easily.

The Final Verdict

Wearable technology has become an integral part of our life. It is becoming more common such that, we are seeing more applications coming and we’re feeling life-enhanced effects.

Pushing further, the most developed notable feature for wearables is the ability they have such that they connect to the internet. That enables the exchange of data between the device and network with sending and receiving data.

Besides that, there are many other forms of wearable technologies that are also helping to change our lives.

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