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How to Secure Your Home During the Holidays

Home security is a must 365 days a year due to a recent increase in crime rates in many urban centers. Furthermore, your home will be even more vulnerable during the holidays, as criminals know that many people tend to travel overseas to party with family and friends.

When you leave your home for an extended period, you leave your home exposed to vandals, arsonists, squatters, and thieves. A home security system is a state-of-the-art system that serves as your first line of defence against criminals and deviants.

Other home security methods include purchasing a guard dog to protect your home and having a trusted family member or friend look after the house while you are away. However, our focus will be on how you can secure your home during the holidays.

The Importance of Home Security Systems in British Columbia

A home security system will protect you during the day and the night. It will also protect you from heavy winds and torrential rain. Homes that have top-of-the-line home security systems tend to have much lower rates of break-ins. 

Simply owning a system will deter most criminals from targeting your home, as most criminals want an easy target. A home security system will protect your most valuable assets, such as your family heirlooms, electronics, and jewelry, from being absconded.

Electricity management is also improved, as you can use a smart-based home security system with home automation features to turn lights on and off and turn AC and HVAC systems on and off with the click of a button.

Seniors and children are highly vulnerable to criminals. A leading-edge home security system with 24/7 surveillance monitoring and remote access will allow you and security professionals to keep a close eye on loved ones when you are away on vacation.

A home alarm system in British Columbia will provide homeowners with peace of mind, even if they are thousands of miles away from home.

Different Types of Security Systems For Your Home

A smart security system includes remote access and home automation so that you can make any changes to your home alarm system on the fly. 

Lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm alarms, turn your sprinkler system on, activate outdoor lights around the perimeter, and even adjust the thermostat with the swipe of a few buttons on your smartphone or tablet. 

You can use remote access to keep tabs on the comings and goings in your house, even if you are on the other side of the globe. A front yard sign is also strongly recommended. Most criminals want an easy target, so it will likely scare them off if they see your security sign.

A home alarm system can be wired or wireless and monitored or unmonitored. Most will include a central control panel, glass break, motion and light sensors, an alarm or siren, and may even have an anti-flood and freezing system.

You will need to speak to your security system provider to determine what features you need. Some homeowners may need CCTV surveillance cameras with cloud storage to cover strategic vantage points with ease.

Maximum security will be assured to prevent a possible security breach. An outdoor security system should be extremely durable to withstand the elements, including strong winds, storms, and the like.

It should be very hard to tamper with, and a backup battery system should be in place in the event of a blackout or sabotage. It should be able to detect smoke, carbon monoxide, elevated water levels, and below-freezing temperatures as soon as possible.

You should receive a notification via text or phone to quickly get to safety in the event of a crime, gas leak, or natural disaster. Hiding house keys under welcome mats or nearby bush or houseplant should be avoided. 

Instead, deadbolt locks and biometric access can ensure that only those with the necessary clearance can enter your home.

How an Alarm System Can Help Secure Your Home When You are On Vacation

The risk to your life and property will be drastically reduced when you invest in a cutting-edge home alarm system. It will provide you with remote access to your home to always keep a close eye on it even when you are at work or on vacation.

If there are any fire issues or a gas leak, the system will activate a loud alarm so that you can quickly get to safety in the middle of the night. Most criminals will also avoid targeting your home, as a home alarm system will ensure that they will be caught.

A monitored home alarm system will include 24/7 monitoring by security personnel, so if their team notices anyone suspicious lurking around your property, they will notify the authorities immediately.

A home alarm system provides peace of mind and helps create a lived-in feeling. Your insurance premiums will also go down. Your insurance provider will see you as a lower risk when your home is adequately protected from criminal activity and Acts of God.

Home alarm systems in British Columbia are designed to protect homes, belongings, and their inhabitants from harm. Please speak to a local alarm system provider representative to learn more about the different types of systems on the market.

Safety First

A home alarm system provides peace of mind and will protect your home from natural disasters, gas leaks, and criminals. You won’t have to worry about your valuables being stolen or your house being set on fire when you are on vacation.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation. A home alarm system will allow you to enjoy the holidays without any concerns.

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