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How to Save Money while Shopping

The world we live in is like a spell-bound with its alluring, dazzling and mesmerizing entities around, which are quite inviting as well as interesting to look at and to be taken over as our own possession. In order to fulfill these desires or feelings of ownership, one should be filthy rich, because money can buy anything and everything. As they say that money is his who enjoys it and not his who just has it, right statement. But having wealth doesn’t mean you should spend it all, a wise man is the one who does calculative thinking always, before spending.

The hardest thing to do is to save money once it comes to buying things. People get overwhelmed at the mere thought of savings on stuff they have been really craving to buy since long especially which falls under luxury items. Do try and save for a change but don’t be tightwad or a cheapskate in the literally sense.

Doing shopping could be an entertaining and enjoyable task but at times a wee bit tiring as well. A person can never get bored while doing a window shopping merely. If you are out killing your time at the mall or perhaps a spend-thrift kind of a person you are then just going around the market for the sake of examining items or ready made products practically would result in being attracted and coaxed towards things that were not needed in the first place and you will end up buying few or plenty of unnecessary items, which is highly unadvisable. There are few major tips for saving money while shopping.


The first and the most important step to learn for saving money is to calculate and know exactly how much you earn in a month. Make a budget wisely according to your income and expenditure. If you have a limited amount of income then you ought to plan your expenditure smartly or else you’ll end up falling into debts instead of falling out of it.


There are stuffs that you need and then there are things that you just want, there is a vast difference between wanting and needing, you would know the difference well enough if you were wiser and smarter. When you go out, say, for buying groceries or may be some other important items, put priorities first before your desires. Make a list of grocery items that are cheaper and easily available, like for instance bananas are available all year round and are comparatively cheaper item, so buy bananas which fulfills your health benefits and basic nutrients requirements for your physical needs instead of spending money on buying fruits like strawberries, cherries etc. which are very expensive indeed.


A wise man will always think before leaping and would make a shopping list before he runs his errands. Make a list of important and needful stuff that you have to buy, you will not be able to buy stuff that are not mentioned on the shopping list. It’ll keep you away from impulsive shopping as well.


Just like you make a list of your shopping, you should also calculate presumably that how much spending your items will require. Try to bring limited or small amount of cash in your wallet to cover all your purchasing. You won’t be able to spend what you don’t have, if the cash runs out, your shopping spree is done for the day.


Once you go out for shopping in a store well known for its brand, do not buy on the spur of the moment, check the price tags first and then think twice before buying it right away. Leave the store on a second thought and make a parade around other market areas to check the prices in each stores or you can also easily check on lines who has the cheapest prices at the famous sites like Amazon or Deep Discount.


When it comes to shopping always put your basic needs ahead of your luxuries, especially when it comes to buying clothes. You plan your clothes’ shopping only when the need arises, like if you have to go to party or someplace sophisticated, and you don’t have a matching out fit to put on, then go out and buy a new dress for your party, but only from the whole sale shop where it can be found on a cheaper rates comparatively. Or perhaps you need some nice and decent attire for the office or a casual wear, you should consider buying a personalized work T-shirt instead of a branded one.


It is also seen very commonly that most of the folks out there just keep on shopping and shopping for hours because they can’t make up their mind for a singular item in general, and eventually they end up buying a whole lot of stuff that they regret later on. It is highly suggested that one should go for something that comes in accordance with the mind and doesn’t necessary require a whole lot of extra stuff to get satisfied, much like our customised Tees. You can get your T-shirts customised so that there’s no point left in buying a whole bunch of T-shirts just because you can’t make up your mind for a single T-shirt. You can buy custom made T-shirts in ridiculously affordable prices that you would definitely love.


Remember one thing loud and clear, never go out for shopping if you are tired or bored. The most stupid and regretful purchases happen when you are tired and bored and shouldn’t have been shopping in the first place at all. You might repent buying stuff you never wanted or needed in the first place. Instead of planning to shop in the melancholy gloomy mood to release your boredom, you should go out somewhere else more entertaining, fun-loving and mind boggling.


At times it happens that we find something extra nice which was not needed desperately, leave that store and go, think twice or thrice at home and see if you really needed that item or not? Only then take a second chance to go back to that store and then buy after brooding and pondering a lot. In this way at least you‘ll be happy you have saved your money as well as save yourself from repenting later on.


While shopping you should always take somebody along with you who is wiser and sensible rather than shopping alone on your own. Always a second opinion counts while selecting an item either for yourself or maybe for someone else a gift item. Otherwise there are people or even friends who are quite thrifty themselves, would make you spend extravagantly as well, therefore avoid going out with such friends or people while going for shopping.


You can save a lot of money by showing the creativity of your own. Stay away from shopping malls and stores and make your own handy things, for instance if there are some famous events coming up on a pipe line like say it’s a mother’s day or sister’s birthday lined up you can always create your own stylish gift at home instead of buying one. In the same manner if you need a good hair-cut, you can always trim or cut your hair all by yourself or with the little assistance of your siblings you can cut your own hair instead of going to the parlour.


Novice buyers will at times buy something they don’t need just because it’s very cheap. No need to buy something which is not needed in the first place or not useful at all after buying, so don’t be black-mailed by the sales either on line or at shops. Do your own survey and then go for these sale deals.


If you are a smart planner you would always shop after the peak season has gone, buy winter clothing in summer season in the same manner shop for warm apparels in the winters or out of season. Like coats, cardigans, sweaters and jackets are cheaper comparatively in warm sunny weather and vice versa.


Usually it happens that while you are buying some stuff from the branded store and that stuff or merchandise is flawed, faded or stained you can always talk to the sales person and bargain on that stuff, talk him into selling it on cheaper price to you or at a discounted rates as the material is flawed. This might help in saving your money as well.

Money is something that makes the mare go round indeed and I also believe in this proverb. One should enjoy having wealth but should also be wise and sensible enough to save your money for the rainy days to come.

Ana Hoffman
Anna Hoffman is a part-time blogger who writes on Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Lifestyle, and Educational topics.
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