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How to Pick Jewelry to Match Any Outfit

Accessorizing jewelry is the ultimate way to add ornamentation and uniqueness to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for simple, everyday rings or elaborate tributes to family and heritage, jewelry can provide an elegant addition to any look. If you’re overwhelmed by the notion of crafting multiple pieces of accessories, give one item a try. Just remember your choice should be unique while still fitting in with your overall look. Accessorizing does not have to be expensive.

Accessorizing jewelry is a great way to express yourself. If you wear your jewelry every day but don’t want it to look out of place, invest in good jewelry that will match your clothes and everyday outfits. Every so often you just want something simple and classic. No frills, just great jewelry that will always make you look good.

Accessories are key to any outfit

Anyone can buy jewelry, but unless they know where to obtain it and how to wear it, it can be difficult to look good. You need to know where to get the best accessories for you based on your style and budget. Adding accessories to your ensemble can help draw attention away from any shirt or pants that are lacking details and allows you to concentrate on activities that make you feel confident and powerful. The best way to decide what jewelry to wear is to think about your personal style as well as the colors and patterns that you like. But it’s not just about what you like – there are some important things to consider when choosing jewelry such as where it will be worn, how it will be used, and how much it will cost.

Accessories are the decor of your outfit. Accentuate independent pieces with jewels, studs, stones and other accoutrements that add texture and interest. Body jewelry should be discreet and less revealing than accessories on your face or body. For women who wear heels, jewelry should be appropriate for both day and night.

Any piece of jewelry can be combined

Accessorizing jewelry should be approached thoughtfully. Certain pieces can make a bold statement, while others should be used mostly for subtlety. In choosing accessories, keep a few things in mind: the jewelry’s story, where it comes from, and how it will fall in (and out) of style over time.

Accessorizing is like dressing up. It’s not about dressing all in black or wearing a mask. It’s about choosing accessories that complement your look — whether that means adding a stone to your fingernail or wearing a ponytail with an oversize jacket. When done well, an accessory can enhance an outfit and make it seem like you have more than just skin in the game.

What is very important is to take care of your jewelry and maintain it. You need to clean it by hand or with the help of an ultrasonic cleaner, and so the jewelry will always look like new.

Color Scheme

The easiest place to begin is your jewelry’s color scheme. Colored stones, like sapphires and blue diamonds, can be matched with almost any outfit by just a few simple color choices. You can go bold with color events and memorable jewelry if you’d like, such as wearing a blue diamond as your wedding band or sapphire earrings with dark blue jeans. Or go with a more subtle theme with pastel-colored jewelry, such as pale pinkish-colored necklaces with brown or gray suits.

If you’re into fashion, it’s probably a given that you possess a specific color scheme in mind for your jewelry. Whether it’s black or white, bright or subdued, it may be easy to see what pieces would go with certain outfits. But what about all the other colors out there? How about combining two or three of these colors to make something completely new? This is where color therapy come in. Color therapy is a superior technique for combining two or three colors that don’t quite fit together to create something unique.

Define your style and choose jewelry accordingly

When you shop for jewelry it’s easy to get carried away by the looks and run around in free space trying to find the perfect piece. If you’re going for style, make sure you understand the intent behind what you’re looking at. Jewelry isn’t for everyone and some people will be better suited for one style of jewelry over another. Maintain your standards high and have set goals for yourself for how many pieces you want to buy for the style you want.

When you’re planning your wardrobes, figuring out what jewelry looks great with any outfit can be a challenge. Try on jewelry in various categories to see what matches best — casual, dressed up, dressing down or just different. It’s also a great time to discover what trends are coming out and what colors look good with different necklaces. Try on as many pieces as possible before deciding on one. Often times we find that what looks great in one clothing outfit will not be working in another.

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