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How To Determine The Cost of Education App Development?

Online learning is the modern way to transform the education industry. Today, we are all witnessing a global lockdown that forces education institutes and students to opt for online learning platforms. Digital learning is prominently making its path towards learners and education institutions. The concept of online learning came from distance learning and with every passing year, it has gained more and more attention.

With the advent of education app development, the learning process has become more easier. It eliminated the need for carrying heavy books and study materials or joining a classroom physically. Renowned brands like Dell, Samsung, and Fujitsu invest in education app development. Reportedly, the education app market is expected to grow over $46 billion during 2020-2024.

Want to develop an education app? In this guide, you will find what features and functionalities you can implement in your app and factors that will influence the mobile app development cost.

Types of eLearning applications!

Before you invest in online app development, be clear about what type of app you want to develop. There are primarily two types of education apps – apps for students and apps for teachers. Both the apps offer different features and functionalities as per user’s need.

Educational Apps For Teachers

These apps streamline the teaching process. Teachers can track their student’s progress reports and share their remarks with their parents. Today, when almost all the coaching, colleges, and schools are closed, they are open on the digital platform. Teachers can schedule online classes, ask students to submit assignments on estimated dates, conduct online exams, take attendance, etc.

Education Apps For Learners

The idea behind the eLearning app is to make learning a fun experience. learners can join online courses for their choice of fields, find study material,  give mock tests, etc. It helps them to learn anytime, anywhere.

The development of the education app consists of various parts. When we talk about the cost, features and functionalities are the biggest cost influencing factors. Moreover, there are some more points that directly or indirectly affect the cost of eLearning app developments.

Let’s discuss top factors that determines the cost of education app development:

Key Features of an Educational App for Students

  • Sign-up/Login

It’s always better to offer more than one option. You can add sign-up options like phone no. email and password. Adding such an option makes your app users friendly and makes it convenient for the user to register themselves with their choice of option.

  • Search

Ensure that your app offers flexible search options. Different students have different areas of interest. They all want to learn about a different subject and join different courses. Make sure that you offer a search option where learners can find their desired subject and courses without navigating much.

  • User’s profile

This option allows users to mention details like age, name, etc. They can also look through dashboards and courses they are participating in.

  • Course

This option allows the learner to choose their preferred courses and join the online session. You can also add a “buy” button where users can click to get the study material for that course.

  • Payments

Secure payment gateway integration is the key feature to add to your app. Ensure that your app is offering safe and secure payment transactions

  • Menu

Here students can see the list of coming programs or learning sessions. They can also check the list of scheduled exams, etc.

  • Push notification

With this feature, learners will get notified about any updates like changes in class timings, marks, exam cancellation, etc.

Key Features of an Educational App for Teachers

  • Signup/login

This option allows teachers to sign-up and register themselves to connect with their students. They can sign up via phone no. or email ID and passwords.

  • Students management

Teachers can take attendance, monitor student’s performance, and give them grades accordingly. It helps them to make effective and proper management of the whole class.

  • Course

Teachers need to schedule online courses easily and fast. This option allows them to add learning videos, PDF, and other study materials that students can access.

  • Exams

Teachers can conduct the online test and examine students individually. They can set an online question paper and mention the estimated time to finish the test.


Your app must be focused on simplifying the learning process. Make sure that your app is having a user-friendly and intuitive UI/UX. Whether you design for iOS or Android your design should be appealing enough that it attracts users. The design of any application is the first thing that defines its future success.


There are two renowned app development platforms available – iOS and Android. If you want to create for both at the same time then you will have to increase your budget as both the platforms require different development approaches, programming language, tools, and technologies.

Tech Stack

As we can see, technological advancement is not ready to stop. Every day it is becoming more innovative. Based on your development platform different tech stack will be require, for e.g.:

iOS App

Programming language: Swift

Networking: Alamofire

Android App

Programming language: Kotlin

Back-end Development

Framework: Express 4

Programming language: Node.js

Database: MySQL

API: Swagger


Signup: Amazon SES, Amazon SNS

Emails: Elastic Email

Push notifications: FCM

Storage: Amazon S3

Search: Elastic search

Payment: Braintree

Every tool and technology differs in cost. Based on your requirements you will have to pay for the tech stack you will use to create your app.

Cost Of Hiring App Development Professionals

Developing a complex education app is a teamwork. The mobile app development project includes numerous parts from designing to deployment. Every part requires relevant skills and experience. You can hire an educational app development company to connect with app development professionals like:

  • Project Manager
  • QA engineer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers

It is undeniable that the education industry is getting more modernized day by day. The advanced education apps strengthen the teacher’s and students’ collaboration more efficiently. If you are planning to invest in an eLearning app then you must understand that the cost of app development is not determined by any single factor. From designing to the final launch of the application there are certain factors involved that calculate the app development cost.

Brian Comel
Brian Comel is a senior mobile app developer at Sparx IT Solutions, a most popular education app development company. He has great expertise in creating a complex mobile app. He also likes writing informative blogs and articles for knowledge sharing.
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