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How to Become a Human Resource Manager

HR is one of the most reputed job positions in any organisation. In India, their salary ranges from 23K/month to 3 lakh/month, depending on the company or organisation. The demand for HR is also high as they hire, train, and manage multiple employees and teams; in almost all companies, there is a dedicated department led by HR or a human resource manager. 

Do you also want to become an HR but don’t know the answer to “how to become a human resource manager” in any organisation? In this article, we have covered everything you need to know to be a human resource manager. 

Relevant Skills for Becoming an HR

#1. Communication skills

Good communication skills are vital for a managerial role, especially in human resource management. Since you’ll be required to interact with employees, employers, and new joiners, you’ll also be required to take interviews, negotiate salary, and retain employees. 

#2. Problem-solving and decision-making

You should also have problem-solving and decision-making skills. These skills will help if any employees complain and bring certain problems to your eyes. Moreover, when selecting your next employer, you must use your decision-making skills to choose the right candidates for your company. 

#3. Conflict resolution

Sometimes, if a conflict occurs between two or more employees, a team, or an employee and employer, you’ll need to resolve such conflict. The conflict resolution skill requires you to always listen to both sides and make unbiased decisions to resolve the conflict.  

#4. Time management

You must have time management skills since you might have lots of work, such as hiring, training, employee management, issue resolving, etc. So, you can be the ideal for your company and organisation. 

#5. Leadership and teamwork

As a human resource manager, you should have leadership and teamwork ability. Being a leader, you must inspire your employees to participate in certain activities, engage with other team members, and contribute to building a team for your company. 

Essential Steps to Becoming an HR Manager

#1. Education and Qualifications

Educational qualifications are important for making a rewarding career in HR. You can pursue a certification course, diploma, or MBA in Human resource management. Top distance MBA colleges also offer HR specialisation programmes to embark on an HR journey.  

#2. Gaining Practical Experience

Since you can’t be posted directly at manager positions, you’ll need to gain practical experience, such as an intern, trainee, or junior HR role. Your experience will play a vital role in acquiring a job in the field. 

#3. Developing Essential Skills

Developing key skills like communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, decision-making skills, and time-management skills for the HR resource management role is important. 

#4. Networking and Professional Development

Networking and professional development are also important for the HR role. As it helps you find the company for applying for the HR role. The network will also help you gain job references. 

#5. Applying for HR Management Roles

Now, with the required experience and skills, you can apply for the HR management roles at reputed companies. You can also apply for the HR manager role in a startup company during your initial phase.

Key steps to embark on a rewarding career in human resource management.

#1. Job Search and Interview Tips

The first step towards moving your career in human resource management is to search for a job and prepare for the interview. To search for the job, you can use various job portals, linkedin, and your network and follow general but important tips for the HR Manager job role. 

  • Speak fluently. 
  • Be confident. 
  • Have an overview of the company
  • Understand the job description
  • Be attentive during the interview

#2. Crafting a compelling resume

Resume is a first immersion. Only by looking at your resume can companies decide whether to interview you for the role. So, craft a compelling resume which includes your basic information, qualifications, skills, and experience. 

#3. Navigating job interviews

Multiple companies conduct walk-in job interviews. Navigate about such interviews in your mail, newspaper, job portal sites, WhatsApp group, etc. Moreover, keep your on ring mode while on the job hunt. Missing a call means missing an opportunity. 

#4. Showcasing relevant experience and skills

When you sit for a job interview or create a resume, showcase your relevant skills and experience. There is no point in defining skills and experience not associated with the job role. 

The Bottom Line 

The human resource manager is a reputed and high-paying job, and to become an HR manager, you must have an HR degree, relevant skills and experience. To acquire these degrees, you can pursue professional and executive HR programmes, develop your skills, and acquire relevant experience by joining internship programs. You can also get experience in any managerial role to nurture your HR skills. 

However, if you’re a working professional and already working in a field like finance, accounting, product management, or any role and eyes on HR career position. You can pursue an online MBA program and develop the relevant skills and knowledge. Collaborate or present your experience so that it matches the HR role. 

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