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How Solar Power Can Help You Save Money and Energy

Electricity costs keep rising, and running your home can become more expensive as time passes. What is the alternative? We all want to save money and stop paying so much for power. The solution is to use an alternative form of energy like solar power.

Solar energy can reduce your power bills so that you’re paying a fraction of what you now pay your electric company. Sometimes you can even send energy back to the grid and receive some compensation from the sale of your excess energy. The savings start right away from the very moment your solar power system is installed.

Location Affects Saving

Your location predominantly affects your electricity rate. On average, the national kilowatt per hour rate is $0.13. But if you live in a state where summers are sweltering, this cost can quickly add up. Instead of paying a $300 electricity bill in the summer, you could reduce your bill to nothing by making full use of solar energy.

During the hot summer months, solar energy has an advantage. The days are long and sunny, and that gives the panels more time to absorb energy from sunlight. 

Sunlight Exposure

The primary resource of solar panel systems is the sun. States like Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida usually have more sunlight hours than other states. You also need to factor in your home’s orientation towards the sun and the amount of shade it gets. Your solar panels may get more or less sunlight depending on what kinds of trees are planted nearby. You may need to have some of your branches trimmed in order to prevent them from obstructing the sun. To get a relative estimate of the efficiency of solar panels on your home, you can use a solar estimate calculator.

Savings on Fossil Fuels

Today, we are concerned with carbon footprints, and in general, we want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. By installing a solar panel system, you can reduce the amount of energy you use and will minimize your carbon footprint. Solar energy does not produce emissions or pollutants. It is renewable energy that does not damage the planet.

Cost of Solar Panel System

Now your question might not be how much you can save over time, but instead how much it will cost to add solar energy to your house and if the costs will align with your current budget.

The brunt of the expense for a solar panel system is the upfront costs involved when purchasing the panels, accessories, and paying installation fees. However, once installed, most systems don’t require much in the way of maintenance and can last for 20 years or more. Maintenance typically involves moving debris like dirt and leaves that are covering the solar panels. Most solar panels can be easily cleaned with some soap and water. Speaking to professionals like Ask Solar Sandy will help you better understand how to care for your system.

Solar panel systems save energy and money on your electric bill. They also reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. These savings offset the initial cost of the system. Because they do not cost much to maintain, the savings make it well worth the initial expense of the system. Be sure to determine your current living conditions and how they may factor into your decision to utilize solar energy.

Brooke Chaplan
Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger based in New Mexico. Her first passion is journalism, but she also loves hiking and gardening. Brooke recommends doing plenty of research to find quality solar panel professionals.
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