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How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift?

So, you have received the wedding invitation and intimated your acceptance. This acceptance of the merriment accompanies a tedious task of purchasing a wedding gift. For the shopaholics, the task may not be daunting. However, even they would stumble on deciding the amount to spend on the wedding gift. No one wants to come off as a cheapskate when the gift-opening ‘ceremony’ is taking place.

It is the individual decision regarding the amount to spend on a wedding gift. In the end, it all comes down to one’s relationship with the couple, his/her affordability, and the type of wedding among other factors. However, you might be confused as to what should be the exact figure. Here are a few tips to help you ascertain the amount you should spend on a wedding gift.

Forget the Price-Per-Plate Rule

Traditionally, it was considered good etiquette to buy a gift with the cost equating the price of your meal (cost per plate) at the reception. The rule is outdated now and for good reason. However, it is still advised by many people and deemed as a wedding gospel.

However, you should remember that the wedding gift is neither an admission ticket nor a financial exchange. It is the token for affection for the newlywed couple and celebration of their life ahead. Also, it is not even practical now. To find out the cost per plate, you may have to ask around, probably the couple itself (which is plain awkward).

Moreover, if someone is throwing a lavish wedding, you are doomed for sure. The cost per plate may not come easy on your pocket. The couple’s decision to throw an expensive wedding does not have to affect you. Besides, this is quite a material approach to giving gifts and removes the emotional/personal touch to this exercise.

Emily Brooks from Fergus James have these tips for you.

Be Mindful of Your Financial Situation

This is the most important thing to keep in mind while purchasing a wedding gift. Never spend more than you can afford on the gift. If you are going through a tight monetary situation, adjust your budget accordingly. Do not ruin your upcoming months to boat about your affordability. The couple is more interested in your presence than the present.

You do not have to go out of your way (financially speaking) to kneel before the social norms. Apart from checking your wallet or bank account, consider if you are going to attend any other wedding soon. If you have another wedding coming in a short span of time, buying an expensive gift will be just adding your credit card debt. Also, assess which wedding is more special for you or which couple are you closer to. That will make it easier for you to decide upon whose wedding you should spend more money.

Consider Other Expenses

Attending a wedding entails many expenses like travel and lodging. If you are traveling inter-country, there is going to be a large dent in your budget. You need to create a balance between all these expenses and a great gift. This calculation becomes even more important when you are attending a destination wedding or the event is during the peak season (the travel cost will be much higher than usual then).

In case of a destination wedding, a lot of your money will go to the flight, hotel, and other assorted expenses. So, it is better that you purchase something less pricey. In fact, many experts say you can kip the gift for a destination wedding altogether if your budget requires so. The bride and groom will understand how expensive a destination wedding can be for their guests. Checkout linen and tablecloths price.

Your Relationship with the Couple

Think about how close you are to the newlyweds. Obviously, if your best friend is getting married, you can go overboard with the wedding gift. That has to be special and memorable. Otherwise, the cost of an average wedding gift can range around $100. However, it is not a hard and fast rule. You can increase or decrease it as per your preference. If you are related to the couple, you can spend more depending upon the situation of your bank account.

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